Why Vitamin D should be checked first for maintaining vitamin C?

There is a huge connection between vitamin D deficiency and vitamin C deficiencies. There are different and even some common symptoms for both the deficiencies. The direct relations between both the vitamins are always taken into high consideration by experts and doctors.

Vitamin C importance

Vitamin C has been considered an ideal nutrition marker for the total health concerns as per the seminars in preventive & alternative medicine has published. This was reviewed by over 100 studies done over the 10 years of work. The vitamin C deficiency needs urgent care and recovery process too. The reason behind it is very simple. The infections in the body are prevented by preventing vitamin C deficiency. The major health risk can be prevented by prevention of vitamin c deficiency levels in the blood levels. Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant which helps in the prevention of various kinds of infections. It fights with the virus and destroys them by supporting the white blood cell growth in the blood levels. All bacterial infections are also not possible to grow if prevention of vitamin C deficiency is maintained. Hence, automatically the susceptibility towards the cold and flu is achieved.

Symptoms you are low on vitamin C

The lack of it, on the other hand, can lead to strep throat infections, regular common colds that are stubborn enough to keep spreading in our bodies. Vitamin C deficiency in the body makes the capillaries weak. Another symptom is nose bleeding. A very common and severe problem of vitamin C deficiency is the disease called ‘Rheumatoid arthritis. A disease in which there is very bad and intense pain in the joints. The pain causes inflammation, swelling, and painful joints. The deficiency when gets worse leads to a skin condition known as keratosis pilaris. This affects the development of skin and creates many skin issues like dry, rough and red skin. The prominent symptom is slow healing of wounds. As vitamin C is associated with the connectivity of binding the tissues, lack of vitamin C deficiency gets crucial for the repair of tissues and so the wound does not heal easily and normally. The dental diseases are something that can easily be detected if one has a deficit of vitamin C. The swollen gums and bleeding gums gets affected as the epithelium tissue which acts as a barrier for bacteria has the developmental growth hack due to vitamin C deficiency.

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Vitamin C is a very important soluble nutrient that is responsible for a stronger immune system. Therefore, to get lesser sick each day we must consider the right consumption of vitamin C. To void getting recurring health problems vitamin C is a very essential vitamin for our body. The right level of vitamin C helps prevention of diseases in our body. It could be said as an important member of the vitamin family. The deficiencies on another hand may lead to very serious damaging health problems which could lead to problems like weak muscles, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.

There are psychological health problems also involved with the deficiencies of vitamin C. If you have been experiencing constant fatigue and anxiety issues backed with depression, then you should start working on the maintenance of required units of vitamin C.

First, check Vitamin D deficiency if you are already low on vitamin C

There are studies done to check the relation and it has come across in various surveys that in order to be extracting the vitamin C through diet or supplements our body must not have vitamin D deficiency. Why? That has science involved in it which says that the absorption level of vitamin c extracts in our body will only be beneficial when the vitamin D is good. Vitamin D acts as an absorbent for the nutrients that have been extracted from vitamin C supplements and are transported throughout the body via various nerves, tissues, and muscles into the required organs, bones, and joints, etc.

Therefore, in order to check the units required for the prevention of vitamin C deficiency, one must check the units and appropriate standards for the prevention of vitamin D deficiency levels in our body. More vitamin D, more consumption of Vitamin C through various diets, supplements, etc. A good and free source of vitamin D is sunlight. Must take the best utilization of it and prevent vitamin C deficiency and vitamin D deficiency both.


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