Why is it important to keep learning for a new skill set?

The learning is one of the best ways to reduce stress. A good book can even help save a life. Learning new skill is just not only for the teenager but everyone should keep learning for a new skill set for an improved brain and mental wellbeing. The study shows that people who learn more are found to be more happy, satisfied and are able to connect more with others on their thought process.

The learners are found to be more hopeful and optimistic than their counterparts. Every new learning of the skill helps them build new confidence in them. The constant learners are more optimistic in their behaviour.

Keep learning and keep growing is the fundamental theory behind each successful individual who has made things possible to happen in their life. The learning individuals have every time proved themselves. There is a different story of many successful individuals but all say one common thing that it is important to learn.

To talk about some of the greatest leaders in the world. Let’s begin with an American business magnate this guy is the philanthropist, investor, computer programmer, and an inventor. He is none other than Bill Gates. Yes, according to an interview bill gates answered to a question stating that he keeps on learning even till date. He has enrolled himself in different courses across the globe in a different university. Even smaller courses online he has registered himself to learn new knowledge. According, to him he loves when people feed their knowledge with him. He has always believed that the majority of ideas come from learning new skills daily. To be an inventor he needs motivation and that motivation comes from leaning.

Second, Vin Diesel said in an interview that if he could go back to the learning days as a teenager he could say that he must learn everything as an education. Grab all knowledge around and keep learning.

Tiger Woods, another great achiever in sports says everything that you learn is countable. It could be something from the match that he played and it could be sometimes 20 things that he played. He always keeps learning from all his matches. Whenever he comes from the playground after a match, no matter he wins or looses. He checks out what he has done and where he did a mistake. He practices those mistakes and again implement those learning are in the new match.

Tony Hawks an American professional skateboarder, an actor, and owner of Skateboard Company says that he never work in the same manner. Every time a new assignment is there he learns something new. He always checks out what innovation and creativity he could do. He has a keen sight on the different ways a single work can be done and he tries all. He is not afraid of trying any new skill and getting failed in it. It is always good to try.

Mr APJ Abdul Kalam an Indian scientist, educator, Indian leader said that learning use creativity, creativity leads to thinking and thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great. Such magnificent words said. The scientist continues to say that keep learning prepares you for frequent changes and you can easily adapt to any new front.

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Chris Martin says that he cannot get bigger but he needs to be better each day of his life in an interview. He is an English singer, songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, co-founder, and lead singer of the British alternative rock band Coldplay. He says that to get better it’s the whole thing or whether a quantity or quality. He says that all their team members practice vigorously in order to make their audience to be supportive. He learns in order to make quality content and brings happiness and proud of their supportive and loyal fans and audience.

Well, Pitbull has many things to say to keep learning for a new skill set. He says in an interview that he always tells his children that “There’s no loss, only learning, there’s no failure only opportunities and there are no problems only solutions.” See how convenient learning makes things for you. He continues and says that he considers the failure as the mother of success. He never ever loses the faith of wisdom of knowledge. He gives examples of Michael Jordan about his failure that he did not make his selection process in ninth grade but see he became the real achiever in the same sports now as he kept learning.

Oprah Winfrey says that she loves to read books a lot. It soothes her mentally and motivates her to do better for society. She says books are her best friends.Any book that has a similar mindset that we have with our thoughts makes her feel more satisfied mentally. After reading a new book she gets a positive vibration flowing around her. She is even able to connect with people more and understand them easily which makes her feel good.

So, by far we have seen that majorly all great achievers have got one thing special in them and that is keeping learning. They never took their failure as a negative thing in their life but have greatly dealt with all the failures and made their way to smashing and shining success. Hence, to keep learning develop a habit of it. Get the best out of you and practice the new skill set in order to bring more wisdom and knowledge for good decision making power.



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