What happens to the body if fasting for a day is done?

It has been said that fasting is really important for health and fitness. Benefits of fasting can be undertaken by any healthy individual by fasting for a day. There are great health benefits of fasting for a day. There are many types of research going on by a scientist over this topic of health benefits of fasting for a day. It is commonly known as intermittent fasting. This term has been given because there is a break in any kind of food consumption from 8 to 12 hours a day. This type of fasting is done weekly, fortnight or monthly.

The intermittent fasting and health benefits of fasting for a day or by weekly have become trending by now all over the place for the health concerns. It is even advised by doctors to stay hungry or on salad or fruit diet if any patients are continuously having the stomach upset issues or stomach diseases.

The health concerns have a keen eye on this experiment of intermittent fasting for a day and there are various debates going on it. Let’s explore the type of fasting schedules people are experimenting by now and its results over time.

What happens when a body goes through this kind of experimentation of fasting for a day?

The science behind the digestion of stomach defines that if the body undergoes the trial of intermittent fasting for a day, there occurs changes and many updates inside the human body. It states that if we are going to stop the energy resources entering into our body then the body will automatically consume the past stored energy levels from the body. In order to perform daily activities; the body does not have any option left and therefore it uses the stored energy of the previous days.

The question that mostly arises out of fasting for a day is that whether a person loses weight or not? The answer is yes but in a very smaller proportion. This amount of weight loss is negligible even.

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It solely depends on what kind of fasting has been attained during the tenure. If during a fast anyone eats high-calorie food even in smaller amounts then that kind of fasting is of no use in terms of health benefits.

Fasting promotes higher immunity levels

It has been found that whenever a person skips food for a day and continues to do it for some time. Due to this, the power of immunity increase within the body. The science behind it says that when there is a break of protein consumption in the body by previous resistant cells and when this stops they get damaged. To fill the places of these dead cells, new active cell formation starts within the body that helps in the immunity boosting. These new active cells are formed instantly.

The right way to diet is to follow it strictly. It has to be no food during some hours or only consume salads or fruits that too of a low-calorie count only.

About fast mimicking diet

A new way is also innovated these days to get the highest benefit out of the whole idea of fasting for a day. This way of the new formula of fasting is known as “fast mimicking diet” In this kind of diet the dietician creates a low protein and low in bad fats oriented diet plans. They are getting very popular among people these days who need to weight loss without a tough exercise regime. The names are keto diet, detox diet, protein diets, GM diet etc.

Now, people can take benefit from these kinds of diet plans as per their body requirements and their suitability. Everyone nowadays keeps a good eye on their diet and this kind of diet can be very targeted for different individuals. People have benefitted with these diets if they have followed it religiously.

Fast and headache

At the end of the day, many people who take part in fasting for the day that they often had bad headache The reason behind is the problem of dehydration. When the amount of water is less it leads to headache. It is always good to have a good amount of water the previous night or day. Also, on the day of fast, it is advised to keep hydrated and drink enough amount of water and healthy drinks throughout the day to avoid the problem like this.

But on the other hand, if fasting is done in the proper way then it leads the person feeling lighter and relaxed at the end of the day. Hence, to attain health benefits of fasting for a day, the only requirement is to follow it as per the norms.


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