What A Migraine Patient Needs From You- Story Of Suzan And Maya

The case is real, tried and relates with my childhood best friend, Susan. I can trace us back in my memory lane too early 80s when we both were little girls playing together in the backyard. It has been more than 35 years, we are inseparable. Life happened to us as well, we got married to different men and raised our family in different cities. But, we did not let the distance come in between our friendship. We were always connected by letters, emails or telephone; until I started noticing some weird changes in her behavior.

She seemed to be lost and irritated over calls and video chats, so I planned a date with her on my birthday. She looked so depressed and was constantly complaining about the heavy head, tingling sensation in the face and light flashes in front of eyes. Now, I am not a doctor, but I sensed something wrong with her health. I went back home, and researched about her problems and landed into a situation where I had my doubts about her suffering from a migraine. Fast forward to me taking her to a doctor, and helping her with ordering her prescriptions from an online drugstore as she is lazy to get herself out of the home.

 Sadly, women still ignore the symptoms of a migraine and associate them with stress or anxiety. In addition, to get the proper medication, there are many other things you can help a migraine patient with. I and Susan’s husband Adam spent weeks to get a list to help her psychologically and physically. These are quite convenient to do and can be administered by anyone in family or friends.

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  • Adjust the lights- Most of the migraine patients get irritated by harsh and direct lighting, and this condition is known as ‘photophobia’. Most of us confuse photophobia with the ‘fear of light’, but in real terms, it is the pain in eyes due to light. You can always help a patient by dimming lights and arranging drapes for them.
  • Turn down the volume- I have seen Susan crying when her neighbors used to party with loud music and fireworks. You can get an idea of the pain as she once mentioned, “Mixer grinders are no less than bomb attacks for me.” Make sure you do not hurt a migraine patient for your fun.
  • Offer help- The mind of a migraine patient is overactive and there are many tabs open in their mind at the same time. You can always be a sweet and caring person by offering some help as grocery shopping, pick up the kids, making online payments, etc. In this way, you can contribute to their relaxed Mind. 
  • Plan sensibly- Those 3D movies and track plans are not going to work well with a migraine patient. They will not enjoy it all, and chances are there will fall sick due to mental disbalance. Do not make them feel guilty of their sickness; rather make a list of activities they enjoy and plan accordingly.
  • Ditch perfumes and pungent food- The smells you like, can make them crazy and spoil their mood. Some patients are highly sensitive to odors and even room fresheners make them sick and uneasy. Whatever smell nauseates them, make sure to keep it out of their inhalation zone.

 That was a not-so-basic list of things you can do for someone who is going through a migraine. I have not included pointers like proper medication, exercise, and diet as they are general and should be taken care of anyway. You can always work on it, and add up to it. Let me know what worked for you in the comments section below. Stay healthy!


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