Want An Answer For Your Unending Exhaustion? You’re Welcome

Look around yourself and you will instantly witness a person or two yawning while scrounging for a space to crash on. Blame the lifestyle or any other factor, stats say, ‘only one in seven Americans wake up feeling fresh every day’. Apart from bringing the productivity level down, feeling indolent whole day long can give a backbone to many health problems. While most of the time you can designate the blame for your sleepy head on factors like a late-night party or too much caffeine, there are times when even you can’t answer the people asking you why are you dizzy all the time, instead you end up asking yourself how to stop feeling tired all day long.

Luckily, fixing the bone of contention in your stamina’s context is as easy-peesie as being a couch potato (that you already are, see that simple). Find out below, why do you keep banging against the glass door that you were too lazy to notice or why does that bean bag has permanently acquired the shape of your groin (just saying).

1. Lack of Sleep

Did I just hear you saying ‘duh!’? Okay, I know you know that sleep-deprived nights can leave you feeling tired the next day but this is the major reason for exhaustion. Afternoon naps can help, no doubt but there is no replacement for comfortable good night sleep. On average, 7-9 hours of sleep is the ideal sleep for an adult. To ensure that your night sleep isn’t hampered, take the following points in consideration

  • Avoid naps. YES! There is a fixed amount of sleep that the human body needs in a day, and taking naps results in fragmented sleep. 
  • If you have finally made your mind to go to bed, JUST SLEEP. Dont sneak into your phone or a book. Once you go to bed, resort to sleep within 5-10 minutes. 
  • Create an aura in your room that is favourable for sleeping. No lights, no sound, just a pitch-black room with a bed under you.
  • Make sure you don’t consume caffeine, alcohol or any other sort of edibles that will snatch sleep from your head. 

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2. Stress

Relatable enough? Studies have found that stress is one of the leading reason why adults are losing sleep day by day. Career, family, peer pressure, competitions and so much more hovers our mind 24×7 that our brain hardly has time to relax. Stress is the major reason for emotional exhaustion which makes a person go through a constant pessimistic feeling about life. This leads to demotivation, irritability, headache, thus leading to fatigue. Emotional exhaustion is the primary reason for depression.

Stop asking yourself how to stop feeling tired and block every path that leads stress to you. Cut out people who bring negativity with their presence. Don’t take responsibilities for the work that you cannot complete. Learn to say no. Communicate more. Talk to people who smile like a ray of sunshine. Listen to upbeat music. Work out. Just don’t think about things that scream ‘Stress’. 

3. Medications

Maybe the reason for your fatigue comes straight from your med bag. Often medications coerce your body to submit to sleep. The best way to cope up with the issue is to stop the consumption of such medicines, if not compulsory. Consult your dog for an alternate to the medicines.

4. Diseases

Our motive here is definitely not to scare you but the thing is, feeling tired on a daily basis for too long can be an indication of some disease building inside you. Get yourself checked for diabetes, anaemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroidism or any disease that may be causing your body to get exhausted very quickly.

5. Weak Diet

A diet lacking rich nutrients can only fill your stomach but the energy level provided by such a diet is negligible. The fact is, energy derived from food rich in carbs drains quickly. The best way is to eliminate processed and packaged food and replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables. For a long day, all that is required is proteins and iron to keep kicking. A diet that is low in nutrition can keep you drained for the entire day.
You may be exhausted all day long but the good news is, what you’re fighting against is named ‘exhaustion’ and that sounds too lazy to give you a good competition. Isn’t that the best piece of motivation ever? 

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