Vitamin D & Vitamin B12 :Deficiency symptoms and diet to recover

World of balance

In the world of balance, it is good that some people are vegetarian and some are non-vegetarian. The earth needs the balance after all. There are some very good facts for being a vegetarian and following the trait of it. It is always good to be conscious about the health and in fact for the environment. So, vegetarian and non-vegetarian both play a vital part in the process of maintaining it.

The health and diet surveys have come up with the various vitamins, minerals and nutrients deficiencies in vegetarians. People who strictly follow the vegetarian diet are likely to be more prone to the most important vitamins in their body. There is no doubt that vegetarian food can fulfil the body requirements but in order to complete it a very specific balanced diet needs to be followed.

Soil formation and their nutritional quality

The environment now a day has become much more polluted and has resulted in soil depletion. The agriculture and cultivation of food sources are mainly dependent on soil formation. The more the fertile soil and quality of the soil are the resultant food is cultivated. The nutritional quality of agro-food products has depleted in past years tremendously. The chemical usage in food has an outburst with a low level in quality of agro-food products. Therefore, it can easily be concluded that the people who are following the strict vegetarian diet from vitamin D deficiency and Vitamin B 12 deficiency. They lack all the nutritional value in their diet.

Vitamin D deficiency and  Vitamin B 12 deficiency in vegetarian is likely to be more than non- vegetarians

It has been found that the Vegetarians are more prone towards deficiency of most important vitamins namely vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin B 12. Some of us might be thinking that why the special mention of only these vitamins is there? The reason is that these are the vitamins that are more dominant in non- vegetarian diets only. In fact, one of the basic factors involved here is that the human body needs a standard amount of all vitamins into their body. More and less of it could be dangerous and can lead to serious health problems.

Vitamin D deficiency and  Vitamin B 12 deficiency symptoms

So if you are a vegetarian you must look for these symptoms:

1. Tired and fatigue: Do you always feel tired and require a short nap to work more?

2. Sleep Depreciated: Are you uncomfortable while sleeping. Not able to have quality sleep at night?

3. Anaemic: constantly getting the drops in the red blood cell formations or haemoglobin levels in your blood level?

4. Bone and joint pain: very painful muscle aches, inflexibility in joints, Bone weakness and stiffness throughout the body joints has created the problem in your daily life?

5. Skin, hair and nail health problems: Continue hair fall, whitening of hair follicles, pale skin, red skin, skin irritation, the brittle nail has made you really conscious?

6. Bleeding gums and teeth specific dental health issues.

7. Breathlessness or short breaths even after a simple work. Simple Overexertion leads you to rest for days?

8. Lack of concentration, confusion, forgetfulness has become your second nature. Not able to plan or work?

9. Pins and a needle-like problem all the time in the body

10. Blur vision: The vision has constantly blurring day by day, maybe the nervous system is affected even?

11. Digestion problems: Dealing with Nausea, indigestion, constipation etc.?

Well, the list is long and keeps growing as all the body organs are connected with each other. If one gets not enough to support, it diminishes in its functionality. This decrease in function leads to various decremented growth and development issue in the human body anatomy.

Resourcefulness in non-vegetarian diet

On the contrary, the non- vegans have the diet which is full of vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin B 12 sources. To mention some the eggs, fish, meat, algae, are highly dominant in and rich sources. But this does not mean at all that one should convert to a non-vegetarian diet. No, not at all!

The various measures for vegetarians for the right diet for vitamin D deficiency and  Vitamin B 12 Consumption

The vitamin C can be taken in the right amount from a vegetarian diet too from milk, paneer, spinach, tofu, citrus food, supersedes, cauliflower etc. There are enough resources for vitamin C consumption from a vegetarian diet. But in order to absorb these vitamins, we need the right amount of vitamin D levels in the blood levels. There is a very rich, free and convenient way for vegetarians to even receive vitamin D and its sunlight.

So, a proper time in sunlight daily can help you maintain vitamin D deficiency levels and other vitamins too. Vitamin B 12 deficiency can also be recovered and maintained via supplements that are from non-animal resources. The doctor advice is always first to consider.

So, there are major changes that vegetarians are found to be more prone to vital vitamins and may have to deal with their deficiencies but the right approach of balanced diet, supplementations and lifestyle habit inculcated may help in the prevention process.



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