Uncuff your Cough

Cough is one of the most annoying and irritating conditions of mankind. It starts with a short trickle of mucus down your throat. This readily progresses into a recurrent coughing episode. The force of the cough can sometimes make you choke as well. Patients are literally harassed by the dry cough. Some patients complain of attaining less sleep than usual.

Here are certain tips to stop a dry cough:

1. Adequate Hydration

All tissues of your body need an immense supply of water throughout the day. Keeping your throat hydrated frequently throughout the day ensures that the cough does not develop. Herbal tea or Green tea can be of great use in the case of chronic cough. Meals can be made with an excess amount of water in it.

Warm beverages including soups, teas, decaffeinated coffee and warm water can be used to provide beneficial effects to the people affected by cold and flus.


2. Concoction of Tea and Honey

Many children experience nocturnal (night time) coughing. These children can be given tea with honey. Honey is considered to be a natural agent which treats the episodes of cough. The ideal way of using honey includes the mixing of 2 teaspoons of warm water with honey once or twice a day.

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3. Using Steam

A hot shower or a steam bath may help in improving the cough. Always make sure that you are properly hydrated before and after episodes of steam. Take a bowl and heat it with warm water. After filling it with water, eucalyptus oil can be added to the bowl for extra medicinal effect. Treat yourself to a warm steam bowl for 15 to 20 minutes every day till normal conditions resolve.


4. Drink Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice has been found to provide various health benefits in humans. It contains a special enzyme known as Bromelain. Bromelain is found mainly in the deep pulps of the fleshy fruit. This provides anti-inflammatory properties to the human body. Along with this, the enzyme provides protection against mucus (breaks down mucus and excretes it from the body). Eating the fruit has more beneficial effects than drinking the juice of pineapples. Make sure that you eat a pineapple at least once a day. This natural technique will surely help you in suppressing coughs of all types.

5. Avoid Contact With Infected people

Cough is a highly contagious condition. Avoid any contact with people who have been infected with cough. Also avoid touching any articles previously used by affected individuals.

6. Eliminating Stress

Stress produces an adverse effect to the immune system. The infection rate of getting cough increases dramatically when a person takes an unusually high amount of stress.

7. Get a lot of Sleep

Sleeping is one of the most under rated yet important activities. One should realize the fact that sleep induces the mind to relax completely. The cough centers of the brain get irritated mainly during day time. This can be stopped by sleeping adequately for a period of 9 hours.

Although all breakups heart, this breakup with the cough is guaranteed to provide you with relief!



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