Try These 10 Libido-boosting Foods For Better Sex

Are you looking for some of the best libido-boosting foods? If yes, this is a wise move! When it comes to enhancing your sex life, it makes sense to incorporate an oodles of sexual wellness strategies. The more you implement, the better results you’ll achieve.

Whether you wish to improve your sexual desire, fix your premature ejaculation problem, or just require greater stamina to perform well in the bedroom, drawing your attention to libido-boosting foods can be beneficial.

You must have heard or read somewhere about the term “libido” to better understand, let’s start by discussing this term in detail.

What Is Libido? How Does It Matter?

Libido is used to define a person’s overall sexual desire or desire for sexual activity. 

For certain people, the desire can be very strong, denoting a high libido. Other people may fall in the middle ground or ‘average range.’ Some others might have a low sexual drive or low libido.

How much sex would be sufficient for you? Once a year, month, or week? Or is your answer “never,” regularly or several times each day?

Answering the above question will provide you with a good idea of where your libido declines in that range. However, this comparison game isn’t generally healthy as we all have distinctive sexual drives.

Do you know various things can influence male and female libido? Some of them are listed below:

  • Psychological factors, such as stress
  • Lifestyle conditions, including diet, exercise, etc
  • Social factors, including relationships at work and home
  • Self-image: Do you view yourself in a positive light?
  • Age: Usually, the older we get, the less sexual drive we have

The most crucial thing is whether you and your partner are happy and satisfied with the sex drive. If yes, there’s no need to bother. But if both aren’t satisfied, you can opt for some sexual wellness strategies and hope to see some difference.

Can Foods Boost Your Libido?

The fantastic news is – yes, they can!

First of all, providing your body with clean, healthy foods allows it to perform better at all levels, including sex. Better fuel implies better performance, whether that incorporates scoring well in a game of basketball or performing well in the bedroom.

Consuming the right foods leads to a better circulatory system. Cardiac health can also be enhanced from a nutritious diet, resulting in greater sexual stamina.

Apart from this, sex first begins in the brain. A healthy diet encourages you to think more clearly and supports brain health. It also helps you handle better future mental health problems, including stress, anxiety, or depression, that can interrupt a satisfying sexual life.

Without further ado, let’s discuss ten specific foods that help boost your libido –

1. Dark Chocolate

Most of you would be delighted to learn that their beloved dark chocolates can help boost their libido levels. After all, you now got a valid reason to eat chocolates. Remember, not all chocolates are a libido booster. Only dark chocolates help increase the levels of both serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These are nothing but your “feel-good neurotransmitters.”

There’s an antioxidant present in cocoa called flavanols, which helps relax blood vessels and increase blood flow in the body. This provides adequate blood flow to all the right places at the right time. 

Different chocolates contain different amounts of flavonoids, depending upon how they are manufactured and on their brand. Unsweetened cocoa powder is known to be the best source of flavanols. 

There are infinite dark chocolate brands you can choose from. We would recommend selecting less processed varieties when you wish to increase your libido. 

2. Fatty Fish

While all types of properly prepared fish will provide you with enormous nutritional benefits, certain types are particularly advantageous in boosting libido. 

Fatty or oily fish, including salmon, tuna, or sardines, is jam-packed with omega-3 fatty acids. These acids enhance dopamine levels in the brain and improve heart health and blood flow.

Also abundant in protein and vitamin B6, consuming fish results in healthier blood production. Only a couple of foods provide this much protein at such a low-calorie level. It denotes that a leaner physique performs better during sex.

3. Green Tea

Irrespective of how you prefer to drink it (hot or cold), green tea can bring the desired spark in your sex life. A compound called catechins is present in green tea, improving blood flow in the body, and reducing belly fat. 

Catechins can increase blood flow in two ways. First, they eradicate free radicals known to harm or inflame blood vessels. It makes them more effective in transporting blood better. Second, it helps blood vessels release nitric oxide, improving the blood vessels’ size, and increasing blood flow. 

Many people think that the only way to consume green tea is to drink it straight. There are enormous ways to include green tea in your diet. Green tea works excellent in oatmeal and smoothies. You can also consider adding green tea powder to yogurt or baked goods. 

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4. Avocados

The versatile nature of avocados makes them a favorite culinary for numerous people. They are also an excellent source of vitamin E, which supports healthier skin and nails. 

Avocados are abundant in potassium, vitamin B6, and monounsaturated fats, which help aid blood circulation and promote a healthier heart – both of which are crucial for better sex life. When your heart is healthy, you are less likely to develop a common men’s sexual problem called erectile dysfunction. 

One scientific study suggests that consuming avocados reduces your risk of getting metabolic syndrome, which is a significant risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

Avocados are easy to use and blend well with any meal. You can add some mashed avocados on your toast and take it as a breakfast or use it with chips and salsa on a salad or sandwich. 

5. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are one of the best-known foods for libido improvement. They are a great source of protein, iron, zinc, fiber, and magnesium. 

Apart from zinc’s ability to enhance your eye health, wound healing, and immune function, the elevated levels of this particular mineral is excellent, especially for men.

If you’re seeking foods that increase libido in males, pumpkin seeds are the perfect solution. A zinc deficiency, on the contrary, can lead to low testosterone levels. Researchers are still trying to figure out why zinc is so crucial in the production of testosterone.

Incorporate pumpkin seeds in your trail mix, cereal, or salad. They are an invaluable libido booster.

6. Pomegranates

A study suggests that pomegranate juice’s daily intake can increase testosterone levels in both men and women. Moreover, pomegranate also helps to improve blood flow, thereby increasing your libido. The increased level of antioxidants is the prime reason behind this. 

Pomegranates are a distinct but extremely nutritious sweet treat by themselves. They also go incredibly well on salads, yogurt, and cereals. Whether you are looking for foods that boose male libido or foods that improve female libido, pomegranates should be in your inventory of savory go-to snacks.

7. Beef

Although beef usually isn’t a part of the list of what to eat to boost libido, it’s worth considering. The saturated fats incorporated in beef are essential sex hormone building blocks. This includes testosterone, significant for improving libido in both men and women. Beef also contains a multitude of zinc, which is vital from fertility and improved sex drive point of view. Beef is a rich source of iron, which helps with energy generation and increased blood flow too.

8. Watermelon

Watermelons are something most people crave for in the summers. Do you know it’s much more than just a refreshing way to cool down? Watermelons contain vitamin B5, which is essential for stress management. That’s an amazing thing because stress can cause both male and female libido to plunge. 

And once you come in the mood for sex because of reduced stress levels, your body will exterminate cortisol after orgasm. This helps reduce stress levels even more. Watermelon can help to ensure that you have minimal stress, so you are more in the mood since the beginning.

Watermelon can be considered one of the best fruits to boost libido and offers other B vitamins, which help with sexual stamina and energy production. And as watermelon is a vasodilator (helps to expand blood vessels), it can be used as a natural Viagra.

9. Red Wine

Highly valued as an aphrodisiac, red wine has been boasted to lower the risks of certain diseases, including heart disease. Consuming red wine can also be advantageous in improving sexual function in people. Remember, all research was conducted in a small sample population; more research is required to highlight the benefits of red wine for increasing libido. 

10. Some Herbs

Different herbs have different medicinal properties, and some can even improve your sexual health. Following is the list of specific herbs that you can incorporate in your diet and increase your libido and sex drive:

  • Garlic: Garlic contains high levels of allicin, which can help increase blood flow. This improved blood flow can benefit men with erectile dysfunction too. 
  • Ginseng: Another valuable herb to enhance libido is ginseng. Although further research is required to discover all the advantages of this particular herb, a recent scientific study has revealed that ginseng helps treat sexual dysfunction in methadone consumers. 
  • Ginkgo Biloba: This is yet another herb you can consider. Obtained from the leaves of the China-based ginkgo tree, this herb is considered to be beneficial in treating sexual dysfunction caused due to antidepressants. You may purchase ginkgo Biloba online or at physical health food stores. This herb can be utilized as a tea. It’s also available on the market in the form of liquid extract, capsule, and tablet.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Don’t get terrified with its complicated name; some studies have found that it helps enhance female sexual desire/arousal disorder.  


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