Treating Stubborn Dandruff the Right Way

Stubborn dandruff or the condition seborrheic dermatitis has been prevalent since the existence of mankind. It manifests in the form of itchy skin. This itchy skin harbors the white and yellow flakes which are flaked off in the form of dandruff. Although this condition can be treated on its own, there are some excellent home remedies which can be incorporated into the daily life of an affected individual.

1. Getting rid of Your Dry Skin

Dandruff is most common in individuals having extremely dry skin.  Dandruff is basically the accumulation of the dead skin cells. As moisture helps in the dissolution of the heaps of the dead cells, dry skin is an excellent medium for dandruff growth. Dry skin can be treated by the application of a moisturizing agent such as coconut oil, light moisture providing shampoo.

2. Do not Shampoo Often!

Shampooing often usually translates as a detrimental effect to your scalp. This clears the moisture off the scalp, hence leading to the formation of dandruff. Application of shampoo 2 times a week can help in the elimination of dandruff.

3. Boosting of Immune Function

The immune system places an extremely important role in the appearance and disappearance of the immune function of the body. A good night’s sleep is considered as a booster to immune function. Also, regular exercise, supplementation with probiotics and the administration of natural stress-relieving activities can help in boosting the immune function.

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4. Hydration

Staying hydrated is one of the most important techniques to ward off the seborrheic infection. Drink lots of water every day to keep your skin fresh and moist. Avoid eating extremely salty and sugary foods. These substances are extremely active in the elimination of moisture from the body. Healthy alternatives such as green tea and honey water can be incorporated to increase the fluid intake.

5. Taking Zinc Supplementation

Irritation of skin and the appearance of a sudden rash is common due to Zinc deficiency. Zinc can be applied by topical application and as well as by oral route. Zinc treatment provides the best effect in the shortest of time duration.

6. Avoid the usage of makeup

Makeup materials usually compose of certain heavy chemicals. These chemicals can cause the irritation of your skin. As the skin gets irritated with time, seborrheic dermatitis can develop at the affected area. 

Organic products have to be preferred when it comes to the application of these products onto the skin.

7. Avoid exposure to extremely warm temperatures

Most people love to take hot water baths and hot showers. One should always make sure that the water being used is lukewarm in nature. Cold water closes the pores of the skin. This leads to the drying up of the skin. Hot water causes the loss of moisture content of the skin. Hence, direct contact to hot water is the main reason for the development of a seborrheic dermatitis.

Seborrheic Dermatitis can sometimes be a pain in the back, but these tips can always solve all your problems related to this disease!


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