Traveling With A Baby? All The Hacks You Need

If you are here, chances are that you have been recently blessed with a new life. Even more clear chances are that you are planning your first vacation with the newest member of the family. While the thought is extremely rejuvenating and carrying the new life you have just originated to the places that are sure to elate you is an experience of the lifetime, but with great adventure comes great preparations. 

You are carrying a delicate life with you, and before you set on the expedition, take every measure needed to keep the tiny blessing, safe and comfortable.

If you are planning to travel immediately after your delivery, here are a few measures that you need to take in order to avoid any complications-

1.  Plan, Prepare and then Pack

If you are much of a backpacker, then I have to say that it is not a very good idea while traveling with young kids. Traveling with a baby requires a lot of planning and preparation beforehand, and you have to pack keeping several factors in mind. While we are on packing, make sure you do not go overboard with the packing dilemma. Though traveling with a baby can not be as light as traveling alone, but everything you want to pack now can be made available to your destination as well. So, there is no point of overpacking and paying to airlines, when you can easily rent/buy stuff on arrival.

2.  Ship ahead

Let’s take it practically, babies need a lot of diapers and you can not take it all from your place. If you are not sure of marketplaces around or are very particular about the brand, you can always order them in advance and get them delivered at the place you are supposed to stay. If you need baby essentials as crip, car seat, or maternity pillow, let the hotel staff know in advance, so you do not need to stress about arranging stuff for the baby.

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3.  Be seat smart

If you are planning to fly, then you need to be extra smart by planning your seats to maximize your comfort. If your baby is fewer than 20 pounds, reserve a bulkhead seat to take advantage of the bassinet, which can attach to the wall—plus, obviously, to enjoy extra legroom. If the bulkhead isn’t an option, try reserving an aisle and window seat in the back of the plane. It’s often the last row to get filled, and if you happen to have a stranger in between you and your partner, they’ll frequently swap. Similarly, book a flight around the baby’s sleeping time to make the flight comfortable for everyone as babies can be really cranky sometimes and you don’t want to face all those weird looks.

4.  Hire help

Until and unless you are visiting a completely deserted place, you are more likely to get hold of a babysitter at the place you are staying. A decent number of hotels have their tie-ups with local babysitting agencies, so you can always check that up during the booking process. Be careful enough to check their services, as a lot of them restrict their duties to ‘manage’ the baby, and not changing diapers and bathe them.

5.  Eat early

Every place has its own dining time, and you need to adjust (a bit more) with them. For example, Mid-western countries have dinner around 6 pm, whereas, in Europe, dinner is usually a late meal i.e. around 11 pm. In context to traveling with baby, going to a restaurant at its peak hours with a baby can be quite messy. Team Cheap Medicine Shop suggests you find the place you want to try and book a table during its first hour of opening. It is more likely to be empty at that time and you can enjoy it, even if you don’t have a babysitter.

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6.  Find items to distract the baby

If you think your baby only loves that pink monkey, then probably you are wrong. Young kids can easily get distracted with random items as coins, keys, tissues, etc. You need to keep trying, and who knows your kid also enjoys antique shopping with you. Also, such things come handy when you want to manage your baby in a plane.

Hope these tips help you have a nice trip! So, where are you heading next?

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