Top 8 Health Benefits Of Having A Pet

Have you ever shared your home with a pet? How does it feel? If you’ve never done this, you are possibly unaware of the physical health benefits of having a pet at home. Studies have evidence of how a pet can enhance our way of living and improve our health. They can reduce stress, boost your immunity, and change your lives into heaven! 

No matter, if you like cats or dogs or any other animal, having one such companion around you are going to provide you with enormous health benefits.

1. Take Away loneliness

There’s an increase in the production of a stress-reducing hormone(oxytocin) and a decrease in the creation of the stress hormone (cortisol) when people start petting an animal or even start playing with one. Studies have found that these hormonal imbalances can help a nervous child be bold. Moreover, your child will be able to handle the anxiety concerning separation from home and socialize more in school.

2. Support Wellbeing

Many scientific studies have illustrated that owning a cat or a dog can support the overall wellbeing of people:

3. Keeps You Energized

When you have a pet at home, you have no option but to remain energetic. You’ll have to take some time from your busy schedule to take your pet to walk, cleaning the litter box, and other similar activities. All the work has to be done on time, and you can’t be lazy about this. There are pieces of evidence available on the web, illustrating that people who own a dog get the advised levels of exercises more quickly than those who don’t.

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4. Improves Social Life

If you are still wondering whether to become pet owners or not, I have one good reason in its favor. Well, as per the recent studies, youngsters who have a strong bond or relationship with their pets usually experience an improved social life. Own a pet and build a strong relationship with it to get benefited to the fullest!

5. Safeguards Against Various Allergies

There is a myth being believed for an extended period, that having a pet at home can be the primary cause of various childhood allergies. Though, there is enough evidence that proves that the inverse is true. Thomas Platts-Mills along with Swedish researchers found that the children who have pets in their home in the first two years are less likely to have pet allergies later in their life.

6. Aides Child Development

Pets are fun to have around and can also be their best playmates, but have you ever heard of its benefits related to child development? Most of the children love pets and having one can only aid the progress of your child. 

It helps children with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder[ASD]. ASD refers to the medical condition where people generally face difficulties with socializing, speech and non-verbal communication, repetitive behaviors, etc. In the United States of America, every 1 out of 59 people has ASD nowadays, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Today is the era of smartphones and tablets. Most of the children don’t prefer going outside to play. Instead, they stay at home and play their favorite online games on digital media. This practice is generally not observed by the children of pet owners. 

7. Provide Distinct Comfort And affection

As we have discussed above in this blog that having a pet promotes regular breathing, keeps blood pressure in control, relieves stress, etc., so having one can provide you with a feeling of immense calmness and serenity. When you are feeling depressed or low, go and spend some time with your pet. They will always be there to offer comfort and affection.

8. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Pets, particularly dogs or cats, are known to protect people against various cardiovascular diseases. So, apart from the improvement in your physical health, you will also experience improved mental health by having a pet at home.

Last but not least, pets love their owners unconditionally. Regardless of your scores on a test or your failures at work, they will come and sit beside you, taking away all of your disappointments.


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