Tips To Help You Feel Less Terrible During Hangover

The hangovers after a night of drinking are dreaded by everyone. You are feeling the after-effects of drinking alcohol and your body feels terrible. You might experience symptoms like nausea, weakness, and headache.

Here is a list of hangover tips to try to make the alcohol effects feel less painful.


You need to drink water first when you wake up in the morning. Some of the main alcohol effects include dehydration. Also drinking too much of alcohol can cause vomiting which leads to loss of water and electrolytes in the body. To combat this you need to stay hydrated with fluids all day.

Dehydration has been known to contribute to many hangover symptoms like fatigue, headache, increased thirst, and dizziness.

It is always recommended to increase your water intake the next morning after drinking alcohol. Drinking water throughout the day will help keep the body hydrated and reduce hangover symptoms.


Your body needs to recover after drinking alcohol. Try to stay in bed as long as you can and even a few extra hours can help wonders.

A lack of sleep can make your hangover feel a lot worse the next day. If you do not sleep well enough at least for a few hours after drinking then you might feel increased hangover symptoms like fatigue, headaches and irritability. Getting enough sleep will help fight these alcohol effects and you might feel a lot better after a night of good rest.

The right amount of sleep will allow and help your body to recover and help alleviate hangover symptoms. This will make your hangover feel more bearable.

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Eating a good healthy breakfast is one of the most recommended hangover remedies. Consuming a proper breakfast will help maintain your blood sugar levels which have been associated with hangover symptoms.

Excessive drinking can throw off the balance of chemicals in the blood which has been linked with hangover symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and fatigue. In addition to helping reduce these hangover symptoms, a healthy breakfast will provide important vitamins and minerals to the body to re-energize.

Never skip a nutritious healthy breakfast after drinking alcohol. This will combat the alcohol effects and help you feel a little better.

Avoid caffeine

Drinking a full pot of strong coffee will dehydrate the body furthermore and worsen the alcohol effects. As the body is already dehydrated from drinking alcohol, drinking coffee is not what you need. If you drink coffee your headaches will worsen due to excessive dehydration.

Instead, try some teas with less caffeine content. The sugar in it will give the body a little boost. You can brew and drink some decaf teas which have a lower concentration of caffeine and higher antioxidants. You can also add a mix of detoxifying herbs and spices to the tea to help flush the body of all toxins.

Sip on tea and water throughout the day as they are hydrating and help to fight the hangover symptoms.

Exercise and take a shower

There are some benefits to exercising even a little after waking up from a night of alcohol drinking. Exercise will help restore your body and mind and help you function a bit better during the day.

Exercising will also help increase your body metabolism which will help the body get rid of the toxins faster. Take a walk in the fresh air during the morning for a few minutes. If you do not feel strong enough to walk then you can just sit outside in a chair and breathe in the fresh air. A little fresh air and sunshine can help you reduce the pain of hangovers.

After sleeping as much as possible and exercising a little bit, take a cold shower. Taking a shower will help freshen and wake up your senses.

Limit your alcohol drinking

The best hangover tip that can be provided to not feel terrible the day after drinking is to limit your alcohol intake. This is the best and easiest way to reduce hangover symptoms as the severity of alcohol effects increase with more alcohol intake.

So it is recommended to try to moderate your intake of alcohol if you really do not want to feel dreadful the next day. Limiting your alcohol intake will prevent increased alcohol concentration in the blood and this will hugely help lessen the impact of hangover symptoms the next morning. Try your best to limit to not more than three glasses and you will be thankful the next morning.


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