The Truth of Endemic Covid Shift: Will Covid End in 2022?

The pandemic which hit the world in 2019 has finally given birth to the debate of “will covid end in 2022?” Widespread speculations indicate that coronavirus is soon to become an endemic covid 19. Versions of the debate are many. Some agree, while some professionals strongly disagree with it. 

Public infrastructure proved to be futile when the world faced the virus that marked its presence in Wuhan two years ago. Vaccines have given a stellar performance in protecting the community spread of the virus at large. However, they did not prove to be the most durable and comprehensive against the coronavirus. However, the Omicron variant has given rise to the debate on Post Pandemic Future. Has the pandemic shifted to endemicity?

What would be life after the pandemic? What will be the relations, routine, and life after the world is out of the pandemic stage of the virus? Where a lot of politicians and professionals are of the view that we have already entered the endemic covid stage? What does endemicity mean? Keep reading to get the answers to such questions.

What does Endemic Covid Mean?

Endemicity does not promise a covid free world. The term is not indicating a Post-Pandemic future. Instead, it voices the fact that the virus is here to stay. Endemic covid means that the virus is here to stay. It is permanent and will be circulating. The news that we have entered the endemic covid stage too is disputable.

We have no established answer to when the coronavirus will end. A Harvard School of Health news clarifies that endemicity does not mean that the menace of coronavirus has ended. It is, however, optimistic of the view that with enough people vaccinated, it will not reach the community transfer stage. It will keep circulating but will not spread.

Endemic diseases are not to be miscalculated to be less severe. Endemicity does not promise mildness. It is not predictable whether the number of people infected in an endemic is within a certain range of calculation. 

In addition, an endemic can be severe or acute, they can be like the common cold or even rare. An endemic disease can cause you disability and even death. Then how can one establish the difference between an endemic and pandemic?

The Polarity of Endemic Vs Pandemic

Endemic and Pandemic are situations that stand poles apart. The difference between the two terms lies in the core of spread and predictability. Endemic is a situation in which the virus marks its presence in a region but constrains to spread rapidly.

In a pandemic, on the other hand, the virus causes a sudden rise in cases and hits all the continents like a wave. Epidemiologists, inform that an endemic is predictable and consistent data can be formed. Hence, in the polarity of endemic vs pandemic, control, and regulation of the spread of an endemic is simpler.

Dr Elisabetta, a virologist at the University of London, states that we will be in a situation very soon where the care of infected patients will be easier as the spread of the virus to the community will be limited. It will be in contrast to the pandemic situations of “boom and bust”

In the debate of endemic vs pandemic, endemicity does not promise milder conditions, it only paves the possibility of better control and predictability of the data.

How Distressing is the Endemic Covid?

With no clear speculations that the virus is on the horizon of entering the endemicity, even if we consider it, how bad will the situation be? 

Endemicity clarifies the fact that the pathogen’s presence will be marked as fixed. The virus will gain acceptance in the population. It will be constant and circulating. The population however will not be much flustered by it. 

The drop in coronavirus cases in the USA points out that immunity can keep the virus constrained. The downside is, endemic covid can prove to be worse than the pandemic. The disease spread in the endemic stage can even spread for a long stretch in a region.

The endemic will be the surface of a new relationship between the virus and the host. Though the face of the relationship is unclear, however, the battle will be a long one. One must be ready for a complex and persistent battle that the endemicity has to offer. 

There is no one definite meaning or definition of endemic covid. Some prefer to call it predictable and constant while others may not. For some, it is a geographical concentration of the virus and hence, simpler to deal with, while for others it is a complicated and constant war between the pathogen and the affected population.

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The Final Verdict

To declare the coronavirus to be the endemic covid 19 resonates with false information. It declares such a situation where the thought offers a sense of predictability and is confirmed. In the case today, both stand unclear. The endemic is not to be misunderstood as the other name of simplicity.

Endemicity indicates a long-stretched and complex battle between the host and the virus. The possibilities that come up are many and with differing natures. Endemicity is not to be treated as unitary or monolithic. 

The post-pandemic situation is long to come. Even if it does, the situation will be dependent on the choices we make and the actions we take. Public health infrastructure is demanding to be revamped and organised to tackle any such sudden and deadly situations. Renegotiating with the virus and the techniques we adopt to fight against it are the only actions that mirror a positive futuristic approach.


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