Does a Sedentary Lifestyle Cause Sitting Disease?

A man leading a sedentary lifestyle

In today’s time, when we can digitally perform our daily tasks with the help of technology, many of us have forgotten the importance of physical activity. The researchers estimate that around 60 to 85% of people lead sedentary lifestyles, which is the leading cause of sitting disease among masses. What does a sedentary lifestyle mean, … Read more

Metabolic Adaptation of Intermittent Fasting

plate of healthy food and a clock on a table

Health plays a pivotal role in the awakened lifestyle today. Humankind is now conscious of the evil effects of unhealthy food habits and the significance of active living. Metabolism is a crucial partner in health. Low metabolism can even cause poor libido and may disrupt your sexual drive. To enhance the quality of life, various measures are … Read more