Psoriasis: 5 Things To Avoid

Let us get to know about Psoriasis and five things that you must avoid if you are naturally trying to treat or reverse/improve your psoriasis. Millions of people around the world suffer from psoriasis and it can be a debilitating disease. 

Many people would not even come out in the public because their psoriasis has become that severe and they are too mortified about it. 

This is always very saddening that someone’s skin and body would betray them so much so that they could not even be themselves in public because they were worried and conscious about what their skin looked like and what their body was doing. 

These five things that are going to be mentioned here are not going to cure your psoriasis but they will improve it so much that you probably will not need any prescription medications and indeed will be happy to go out in public and not have to worry about that. 

So psoriasis first and foremost is not a skin problem and that may come as a little bit of a shock to you, but there is nothing wrong with your skin if you have psoriasis. The problem lies in your immune system and in your immune systems appropriate response to the things in your skin. 

Your immune system is attacking parts of your skin that it should not be attacking. It is causing more skin cells to be produced than what should be produced and that is why you wind up with the itchy red, built up plaques of psoriasis. When you stop thinking of psoriasis as a skin problem, then immediately some of the things mentioned here tends to make sense. 

The Common Sense Of It

So first and foremost, you should know that nothing you put on your skin is going to meaningfully improve your psoriasis because it is not a skin problem. The problem is much deeper than that. 

And so many of the topical lotions, creams, potions, ointments that you might buy online or buy in a drugstore, they are not going to help at all to treat or to improve the underlying condition. Now they may make the plaques less noticeable, decrease the flaking, but that is not actually taking care of the problem is it? 

That is just treating the very surface. So please do not waste your money on any of the things that you put on your skin. They will not help your psoriasis in any meaningful way. Save that money for the things that are going to be listed below and the changes that you need to make in your life to get those things where they need to be.

So your immune system is not overactive. Your immune system is not too strong. These are inappropriate ways of thinking about psoriasis. Your immune system is confusing. That is how you need to think about this. 

And when you think about this properly, things will make more sense. But most of the big pharma houses drugs do is they weaken your immune system. Now obviously you do not want a weak immune system. 

That does not sound good, because if you have a weak immune system that increases your risk of infection and cancer. Your immune system watches out for those things. But that is what all the big pharma medications and you will understand why this makes no sense whatsoever. 

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What You Need To Know

So there is a genetic predisposition for psoriasis, there is no doubt about that. We can look at the research and see that it follows family trees. But just because your genes load the gun only what you put in your mouth and put in your environment can pull the trigger. 

So you may have the genetic predetermination to have a tendency toward psoriasis, but your genetics is by no means a guarantee that you will have anything more than the mildest psoriasis with a tiny plaque somewhere which is easy to hide or just easier to not worry about. 

So if any of the big pharma medications, which are all expensive in which all modulate your immune system and by modulate it means making it weaker, which is not a good thing. The topical ones which are prescription based are just useless as the over-the-counter things that you put on your skin. 

So all the creams, ointments, lotions may improve the outer look of psoriasis, but they do not work on the disease process in any meaningful way. So do not waste a penny on those. The current biologics, some which you take, some which you inject they literally weaken your immune system so that your immune system is so handicapped that it cannot fight what it thinks is a problem. 

Remember that your immune system is confusing. It is not overactive. It just does not understand the difference between what is you and what is not you. That is the problem with psoriasis, the symptoms show up in your skin or worst of all in your joints with psoriatic arthritis. 

But the problem is not that we need to weaken the immune system, which is not the solution either but in all of the biologics have a black box warning on them which is something that the FDA makes the drug manufacturing companies put on the product if it has a very dangerous potential side effect. 

And all of the biologics that weaken your immune system, increase your risk of serious life-threatening infections and serious life-threatening cancer

What you basically have to fight against are a confused immune system, chronic inflammation, and chronic hyperinsulinemia. These are the three things that you are actually going to try to fight to have a meaningful improvement and a meaningful reversal of your psoriasis symptoms. 

So as a good example, the body surface areas of your entire body are somewhere between 1 to 1 ½ square meters. So that is a relatively small area. The surface area of your gut from your mouth to the other end is somewhere between 32 square meters to 250 square meters. 

This depends on how you calculate it and what you count certain surface areas and what you do not. But on the very best, your gut has 30 times more surface area than your skin and so what are you putting in your mouth that could be inflaming your system? 

Because if you inflame your gut, that inflammation is going to go to the other parts of your body. If you inflame your lungs, that inflammation is going to go to the other parts of your body and if you have the genetic predisposition for psoriasis then that inflammation is quite possibly going to show up with worse psoriasis for you and that is what these 5 things are going to help you avoid. 

1. First and foremost is tobacco products. Whether you smoke them, dip them, chew them, or whatever else you do with them, they cause inflammation in your lungs and in your gut. That inflammation translates into worsening your psoriasis if you have that genetic predisposition. You have to quit the tobacco products if you ever want to get off the meds and make your psoriasis meaningfully better. 

2. Sugar and all its forms, whether they come in a bag or a bowl or a little container you tear the top off of or whether it comes in honey, agave, nectar, grapes, bananas, all this sugar causes hyperinsulinemia in your body, which is one of the three things we are trying to fight here and that is going to flare up your psoriasis. 

3. Next is grains and this is all grains, not just wheat. There is lots of research that shows whether you have a severe gluten allergy or just a very mild reaction to gluten, it definitely makes psoriasis worse. In theory, all grains to at least some degree make your psoriasis worse and so avoid wheat and also avoid oats, rice, corn, amaranth, millet, quinoa. All these things are plant seeds and the plant does not want you to eat their seeds so they would not reproduce therefore there are poisons in the plant, not quick poisons that can kill you immediately, but slow poisons that will cause inflammation in your body. Avoiding all grains has helped many people with psoriasis and has markedly improved their condition. 

4. Alcohol causes inflammation in your gut, it causes inflammation in your liver. This inflammation gets translated into other parts of your body and if you have that genetic predisposition for psoriasis, indeed it will make your psoriasis worse. So it is better to avoid all alcohol products, especially beer and wine but you may even have to avoid the hard liquors and just be a teetotaler if you want your psoriasis to be virtually non-existent.

5. Seed oils. So these are oils that are chemically made in a factory from things like rapeseed, grapes, grapeseed, sunflower seeds. So the oils you should avoid are canola, corn, soybean, sunflower, walnut and any of the oils that have a very high Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio are going to cause inflammation in your gut and do what it does best.

 Instead use real fats to cook with like butter, lard, tallow, ghee, and bacon grease. 


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