Outdoor Exercises To Stay Fit

In the current scenario of gyms, an outdoor workout can be a wonderfully refreshing break. Merely getting in that fresh air while witnessing the fresh scenery can be motivating and give you the bonus of healthier mental health as well.

There is no debating at all on the health benefits of physical fitness. Regular exercise for the body helps prevent heart disease and other chronic illness, improves mood, reduces stress, improves sleep, and more. Some outdoor exercises you can try out include:


Walking can sound like a simple exercise but walking daily helps you stay fit, improve cholesterol levels, strengthen bones, keep blood pressure in check, lift your mood, and lower your risk for a number of diseases. Many studies have shown that walking and other physical activities can even improve memory and resist age related memory loss.

Get a  well-fitting and supportive pair of shoes and start with walking for about 10 to15 minutes at a time. Over time, you can start to walk farther and faster every day. You can walk in mornings in a park or along the beach for the added visual pleasures.


Swimming is said to be the perfect workout and this low impact workout is perfect for cardiovascular fitness. Swimming is one of the best entire body workouts it will help burn calories and tone all the muscles. It will build your cardio as you work your forearms, calves, and biceps all at once.

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Research has shown that swimming daily can improve the mental health and put you in a better mood after the workout. Swimming can be good for older adults, as it may help strengthen core muscles. People with arthritis can also use swimming as an aerobic exercise to increase their strength along with reducing pain and stiffness in their bones and joints. Studies also show that people who swim on a regular basis are less likely to develop heart diseases. Daily swimming can also help combat the onset of diabetes and keep blood pressure in control in the body.


Cycling is also another low impact exercise with great benefits for muscles and joints. And studies show that even a little biking can help people avoid weight gain.

Biking can also be good for your mental health as some studies found that cycling to work is linked with better well being than driving to work. And also you also help save the environment from pollution by opting for this eco friendly mode of transportation. Cycling is considered to be an excellent aerobic activity which means that your lungs, blood vessels, heart all get a necessary workout.


Running is one of the oldest sport and the most widely used form of doing cardio outdoors. Running is a great outdoor activity and one that can be done on a daily basis.

You can start by jogging and build yourself up slowly and then pick up the pace when you feel comfortable covering more ground and distance in shorter time limits. Running will get your blood and heart pumping and is an excellent form of cardio fitness workout.

Hit the court

You can play outdoor sports like tennis and basketball. Playing a game of basketball is one of the best all around workouts you can get and you workout your calves, thighs, and core, all while building stamina as you move up and down the court.

Tennis is a great way of outdoor exercise to get your arms swinging and your legs jumping and running. It is great for toning the muscles and superb alternative to hitting the gym. So grab some friends and indulge in exciting games of basketball and tennis.

Playing football on a field is also an awesome way of getting your body a good workout outdoors.

Climbing and hiking

Climbing is a great way to get some thrill and adventure to your workout. You can also go hiking in the hills to take in the scenery. Hiking gives you a good aerobic workout and it is also good for your mental health. Studies show that spending time in nature can reduce stress levels and negative thinking.

Spending your time hiking during the weekends and taking in the visuals of the mountains and the natural greenery surrounding you is a great way to beat stress and keeping fit. 



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