Onycholysis – About and Why is it Caused

Have you seen your nail starting to lift up from your toes lately? It might seem creepy and scary, but be rest assured we know everything about the condition you have been facing.

Onycholysis is a common nail disorder caused due to multiple factors. It is characterized by the painless uplifting of the toenails or fingernails. The nail might also peel out in some patients.

What is the Cause of Onycholysis?

Nails are usually regarded as the spokesperson of the entire human body. The entire health set-up of our body is depicted by the condition of our nails. If the nails look healthy, our body follows suit, while if the nails are not healthy, it is a sure shot condition of an underlying systemic disease.

Here are some causes of Onycholysis:

1. Nail Injuries:

Nail injuries are very common in the elderly and children. There is a great possibility of these age groups tumbling over something and breaking their nails. Nail injuries can occur due to:

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  • Improper care during trimming of nails
  • Accidents
  • Excessive biting of nails during moments of anxiety and confusion

2. Wearing Tight Shoes

Women are usually obsessed with wearing tight shoes and tall heels. Heels are designed in a way by which the nails can be injured. The heels add a lot of pressure onto the nail beds. Not only do the heels pose a serious damage to the nails, they pose a greater risk to the entire bone structure of the foot. It is better to ditch those heels for a pair of flip-flops.

3. Application of Toxic Chemicals

Women apply a lot of nail polish to their nails in order to make them more attractive. These polishes are made up of a variety of chemicals. These might seem into the nail bed via the margins of the nails. As they reach the deeper areas of the nail bed, they can cause an allergy. As the allergy develops, there are chances of that the nail might be lifted from its nail bed.

Make sure to select a nail polish to which you aren’t allergic. Also, always see the carton of the product, in order to check for the usage of harmful chemicals in their production.

4. Underlying condition of Nail Fungus or Psoriasis

Psoriasis and nail fungus are both detrimental conditions when it comes to nails. Psoriasis is a very common condition, it includes the accumulation of skin cells in the form of layers to form scaly, dry and itchy patches. You can detect a case of psoriasis if you see red, raised and inflamed patches of skin with a dry pattern.

Nail fungus is a very common condition which involves the appearance of an off white spot under the tip of a toenail. It is mainly caused due to the involvement of a fungal infection. As the fungal infection aggravates, the nail color becomes opaque and the lifting process starts.

These are the 4 main causes which are responsible for the appearance of this condition. Try to control at least 2 of them and I am sure you won’t have to face this annoying condition ever.


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