Obesity Can Be Prevented Through Certain Changes


According to the researchers, globally, more than one billion adults are overweight and millions of them are obese. Obesity is a chronic disease which has spread all over the world and it is considered as a major nutritional health problem in developed and developing countries.  

Obesity is defined as a life-threatening disease which is characterized by the accumulation of excessive fat in the body, to such an extent that it affects the quality of life of an individual. In individuals with obesity, impaired health-related quality of life has been found and has an impact on physical health. The severity of obesity depends on the total amount of fat and fat distribution in the body.

The most common screening to determine whether a  person is overweight or obese is body mass index. It is an easy and inexpensive way to measure body fat. The levels of body mass index correlate with body fat and future health risks. It predicts future morbidity and death. Multiple studies suggest that an increased body mass index results from increased consumption of more energy-dense food, nutrient-poor foods that have high sugar level, combined with less physical activity. 

As stated above, obesity is a life-threatening disease and pose a major risk for serious health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and many more chronic diseases. It is essential to maintain healthy body weight and here is a list of some of the ways through which you can prevent and treat obesity.

1. Cut down the intake of sugar 

There is no doubt in saying that sugar and sweet consumption is associated with calorie intake and there is a strong relationship between increased calorie intake and development of obesity. Limiting sugar intake is one of the most important steps to prevent obesity and to improve the symptoms of obesity to decrease the risk of complications. You must have heard that all the weight reduction programs mainly focus on reducing the intake of fat and sugar. 

Sugar is highly associated with weight gain and this is because food and drinks that are high in sugar are more caloric as compared to food and drinks that do not contain sugar. Obesity is associated with increased calorie intake. Prevention is always better than cure and limiting the intake of sugar not only reduces the risk of obesity but also reduces the risk of other health problems and help you stay longer and well. 

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In the United States, the prevalence of obesity is very high and this is because sugar-sweetened soft drinks and beverages contribute to a large percentage of total energy intake and are the largest calorie intake food source in the US diet. 

2. Increase physical activity 

Ensuring regular physical activity should be the first step to prevent and treat obesity. There is a strong interrelationship between physical activity and being overweight and obese. Although energy intake highly depends on dietary consumption, physical activity is also a major aspect of preventing obesity. Physical activity promotes weight loss and this is because exercise or physical activity increases the energy expenditure in an individual and therefore helps in burning excess accumulated body fat. 

Obesity is not only prevalent in adults but the prevalence of obesity is rising in children. Numerous studies suggest that one major cause of obesity in children is increased sedentary behavior such as watching TV and using other electronic gadgets such as computers and mobile phones and decreased physical activity.

It is believed that physical activity is universally promoted as a necessity for weight maintenance. It is observed that people who are not involved in physical activity are more likely to suffer from obesity and other health problems as compared to those people who are involved in regular physical activity and such people tend to live longer and well.  

3. Limit the consumption of alcohol 

We all are familiar that consumption of excessive alcohol is injurious to health but only a few are aware that consumption of alcohol contributes to the development of obesity. Multiple studies have reported that there is a link or relationship between alcoholism and obesity. According to the studies conducted, it was observed that the people who are obese are more likely to be linked with excessive alcohol consumption as compared to those who are fit and healthy. 

One point that could be the reason for this relationship between the two is that alcohol is known to increase the appetite of an individual, which results in eating more than normal behavior or overeating. Overeating highly contributes to the development of this disease. Also, alcohol is high in calories and sugar and very low in nutrition, therefore all the calories if alcohol becomes the cause of accumulation of fat in a drinker. 

4. Consume green tea

Green tea is considered to be an effective way to lose body fat and is said to be a substitute for weight loss pills. Green tea is a popular beverage that is made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis var and for a long time, it is believed that drinking green tea is effective and contributes in the treatment and prevention of various health problems, including obesity. 

It is observed that people who drink green tea everyday experiences a significant drop in their sizes. Normally, weight reduction follows the decrease in energy intake and an increase in energy expenditure. The mechanism of weight reduction due to green tea is due to its ability to increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation. Another mechanism that can be involved in the relationship between green tea and weight reduction is the suppression of the lipogenic enzyme fatty acid synthase. 

Also, there is evidence that suggests that green tea polyphenols depress leptin levels, a protein that is produced by fat plays an important role in how the body manages fat storage through brain signals. Green tea is one of the most effective substitutes of weight loss pills and is associated with a treatment of a variety of other health issues.




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