New Cases Of COVID 19 In China And America

The newly discovered novel coronavirus, also called COVID-19 is an infectious disease that first emerged in late 2019 in Wuhan, China. The cause of the infection was soon confirmed as a new kind of coronavirus, and the infection has since spread to many countries across the globe and become a global pandemic.

The Spread of COVID 19 

COVID 19 is a respiratory illness and spread largely via droplets in the air. Basically, these droplets are expelled when an infected person sneezes or coughs.

Once the coronavirus symptoms develop, an individual’s viral load declines consistently, and they become progressively less infectious. However, people seem to continue shedding the virus for around fourteen days after they recover from COVID 19, both in their saliva and stools. This implies that even once a person’s symptoms have cleared, it might still be possible to infect others.

People with mild or no coronavirus symptoms can have an extremely high viral load in their upper respiratory tracts, which means they can spread the infection through spitting, touching their mouths or noses, and possibly talking. Likewise, the new coronavirus has been found to persist for quite a long time on surfaces, however, that does not really mean these infection particles could still infect other people. That could be diminished by ultraviolet light, heat, or humidity.

new covid 19 cases in america and china

The Current COVID 19 Situation in America

More than 2 million people in America have tested positive for the coronavirus and more than 110,000 have lost their lives. The overall development in new cases and deaths has at least temporarily slowed down, however, that pattern has not been consistent across America. As others subside, new hot spots are emerging.

A large group of states in the western and southern United States have seen coronavirus cases increase by leaps and bounds, raising feelings of dread of the second wave, as infections decrease in other states that were at first hit harder.

That trend continued in some states until 17th June. Oklahoma registered another record for single-day new cases, California set another record in its rolling average, while North Carolina’s average dropped by one case, breaking a streak of 15 new highs in a row.

On 16th June, nine states — Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, and Texas — had reported either new single-day highs or set a record for seven-day new cases averages, as according to a Washington Post analysis.


  • Six months into a pandemic that has killed around 450,000 humans all around the world, researchers are as yet attempting to comprehend the fierce nature of COVID 19.
  • President Trump is jabbing top health authorities to move quicker on a historically goal-oriented course of events to support a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year. The objective is to ingrain confidence among voters that the coronavirus can be restrained and the economy can be restored under Trump’s stewardship.
  • The New York Times published a “coronavirus vaccine tracker,” by Jonathan Corum and Carl Zimmer. With the help of prose and graphics, it reports the status of COVID 19 vaccine candidates currently being developed and tested. The piece explains the timeline of the phases involved in developing a vaccine, i.e. the path from preclinical testing to phase 3 efficacy trials and approval.
  • Three large studies of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine reported either no protection from SARS-CoV-2 for people already exposed to it or no treatment benefit for people with severe cases of COVID 19, reports Kai Kupferschmidt at Science.

Should America Be Ready For The Second Wave?

Amidst the ongoing protests against racial discrimination and police brutality, the coronavirus infections across America have skyrocketed recently.

The six American states to report record-high COVID 19 cases are Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Nevada.

This comes in the aftermath of what numerous researchers claimed was the end of the nation’s coronavirus peak. Many states have been compelled to revive in the middle of an economic emergency, with the nation recording record unemployment rates after the lockdown.

Many of these states were formerly recording such high paces of daily COVID 19 infections in May when the US was peaking in the first wave.

Oklahoma, one of the states with the highest flood of COVID 19 cases is also where US President Donald Trump is wanting to hold an indoor campaign rally this end of the week.

The state saw an increase of right around 8%, which is the highest in the country. News organization Reuters detailed that the state saw a 68% spike in cases a week ago.

Yes, Americans should prepare themselves for the second wave of coronavirus in the fall, health experts, and economists stated. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released its two times every year economic outlook and introduced two scenarios— one where the coronavirus keeps on retreating, and another where the second wave of rapid contagion emits later in 2020.

It said the second wave of SARS-CoV-2 is as likely as not. OECD Chief Economist Laurence Boone said the two figures are equally probable.

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The Current COVID 19 Situation In China

As of now, authorities in Beijing have reported that Beijing City’s coronavirus episode as “very extreme” as handfuls more cases rose, travel from the city was reduced and its schools and colleges shut down.


  • Beijing occupants were advised to avoid “unnecessary” travel out of the capital, and anybody entering or leaving will be tested for COVID 19.
  • Surrounding neighborhoods were fenced off on 16th June, with 27 presently designated medium risk, which implies authorities can force stricter limitations on the movement of people and cars and can do temperature checks. One has been designated high risk.
  • The Beijing city spokesman, Xu Hejian warned at a press conference that “Right now we have to take strict measures to stop the spread of COVID 19.”
  • Entry restrictions have additionally been brought back in many areas. Health authorities said residences that are sealed-off and people who are quarantined would have access to food and medication as it will be delivered to them.
  • The schools that were recently re-opened have been ordered to resume online classes, and colleges required to suspend the return of their students.
  • And due to the ongoing pandemic, companies have been advised to continue working from home, indoor sports and entertainment venues been shut down, and libraries, exhibition art galleries, and parks now have the limit capacity.
  • Authorities additionally reported four new domestic coronavirus infections in the neighboring Hebei province, while a case reported in Sichuan province was connected to the Beijing cluster. Some other cities across China warned because they would have quarantine arrivals from the capital city.
  • Virologists said China is always open to scientific collaboration with other nations as per the law in regards to virus samples after Canadian media reported that an official confirmed a Chinese-Canadian researcher sent two lethal viruses to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The Second Wave of COVID 19 In China

On 14th June, China announced its highest daily number of new coronavirus cases, a warning sign of a second wave as more European countries prepared to reopen their borders.

The stun resurgence in domestic infections has shaken China, where the infection emerged last year but to a great extent had been subdued through extreme restrictions on movement that were later imitated all around the world.

Of the 57 new cases reported by China, 44 were domestic infections in the capital, where a huge wholesale food market at the center of the pandemic has been shut and close by housing estates are put under complete lockdown.

Many countries were looking to China for how the new normal would work, however, this most recent flare-up is interfering with progress once again.

This time around the government in China is progressively prepared to take care of the recent outbreak with certain manufacturing and business outlets continuing to work.

The COVID 19 situation is still at its peak in both the countries, in fact, coronavirus will be with us for at least another year or maybe more. Without the benefit of history as a guide, only time can tell when we will be able to return to normal. Therefore, this time really is different and we have tough times ahead of us!


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