Natural Ways To Raise Testosterone Levels

If you are a man then you want your testosterone levels optimized. You want them to be as high as you can get naturally. Some men even need to use exogenous testosterone that they get from their doctor. 

Hopefully, if you follow these steps, you will be able to keep your testosterone levels in the upper limit of the normal and not have to use exogenous testosterone. The three concepts that encompass the list are that first, the testosterone is supposed to be higher than normal where you want it to be 700 or 800. 

Secondly, you want your testosterone receptors to be very receptive to testosterone. You want the testosterone to fit in the receptors. And lastly, there might be things in the list that may make you testosterone resistant. 

What You Need To Do:

1. Eat Enough Fat

Testosterone the molecule comes from a molecule you may have heard of before called cholesterol. It is the backbone of all sex hormone molecules. Without cholesterol, you cannot make testosterone. You have to stop being afraid of fat and if you are vegan perhaps reconsider that you have to eat fat. You have to eat cholesterol and good animal fat in order to optimize your testosterone. 

If you eat enough fat you will produce cholesterol. Your body makes cholesterol every day but if you can help it along by eating a bit extra then you should. It is now proven that cholesterol does not affect the heart at all. This theory is debunked. So eat more healthy fats and bump up your testosterone level. 

2. A Reduction In The Intake Of Simple Carbohydrates

When the consumption of sugar, starch, and simple carbohydrates is more in your daily meal intake then your insulin levels tend to shoot up which will tend to decrease your testosterone levels. So sitting around eating skittles, M&Ms and gummy bears are not very manly for more reasons than one. They will directly affect your testosterone level. 

3. Decrease The Stress In Your Life

If you are an entrepreneur, you own a business and you are trying to make that successful that is good stress and you would want it to perform better. But you need to manage that stress so that it does not become chronic bad stress. You have to decrease the amount of stress that you get from different sources like, working two jobs that you hate, working shifts that are straining in nature, a relationship that is causing you trouble. 

You have to get rid of those things from your life that provide you with chronic stress that you think you cannot do anything about them. This is going to raise your cortisol level, and when your cortisol level is high up, it will have a direct effect on your testosterone level and lower it tremendously and harder for it to fit into the receptors. 

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4. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

You want to emulate your caveman grandparents from ten to thirty thousand years ago. You want to be more physical and lift heavy, run as fast as you can every now and then. You do not need to go to the gym to do this. 

You can literally get up from your couch, wear your running shoes, go outside and do high-intensity interval training. This is going to do two things for you. It will raise your testosterone level and it will also elevate your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) level. There are guys that pay thousands of dollars to get HGH injections but you can raise yours naturally by going outside and breaking your sweat. You can do a hundred jumping jacks, do some push-ups, stretching or do a short sprint. 

You can also lift some heavyweights while you be careful of your back. So lifting heavy and running fast will naturally raise your testosterone level for free.

5. Zinc 

Zinc is very important for men who need 20-50 milligrams a day. You can definitely get these from the food you eat if you strategically eat your foods or you can just take a supplement that can provide you with 20-50 milligrams of zinc per day. 

What that does is that it helps push anything that bleeds over into the estrogen pathway back into the testosterone pathway. If you are against taking supplements completely then you can eat whole foods like red meat which is the top source of zinc, shellfish, legumes, seeds, dairy, eggs, and whole grains. 

6. Magnesium

Several studies show that the right amount of magnesium will raise your testosterone level a little bit. This along with intense exercise will help raise your testosterone levels relatively. 

You can eat magnesium-rich foods like Avocados, Almonds, Spinach, Dark chocolate, Tofu, Pumpkin seeds, and many other whole foods. Other than just raising your testosterone levels it also works as a superb antioxidant that decreases the number of unwanted sugars, carbohydrates, and toxins from our body. 

7. Vitamin D

Getting Vitamin D from the sun is the easiest way to fulfill your Vitamin D deficiency. If you cannot get some sun then take a good quality Vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is a prohormone or a prehormone that helps all your sex hormones and other hormones to form. 

Hence this will also increase your testosterone levels if your Vitamin D levels are optimized. Eat fatty Tuna, Mackerel, Beef Liver, Yolk, Cheese and other dairy products for a natural supply of Vitamin D. 

8. Intermittent Fasting

Not eating will raise your testosterone levels. Many studies have shown that if you fast for long hours a day you increase your testosterone and your HGH fast. There is a reason that an 18 or a 20-hour fast a day is called a warrior diet because it helps make you stronger.

9. Lose Some Weight

If you are overweight the adipose tissue of your body and especially the adipose tissues inside your belly that give you a pot belly is not only lowering your testosterone level but the tissue inside your belly basically acts like estrogen. It is very complicated than that but it portrays a very estrogen-like property in the human male body. 

10. Xenoestrogens

You have to get xenoestrogens out of your system. Basically, you do not want to eat or drink anything that is in plastic that is hot. If you have a water bottle and it gets hot due to the sun then do not drink that. That water is going to have estrogen-mimicking plastics in the water. Do not heat up your coffee in styrofoam or a plastic cup, do not eat soup from a plastic bowl, and especially do not put plastic containers in the microwave. 

Only eat and drink out of ceramic, glass or stainless steel. So avoid eating and drinking hot or warm things out of plastic utensils because the xenoestrogens that they produce are increasing your estrogen levels which is equal to a low testosterone level. 

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