Natural Methods To Help Relieve Back Pain

It has been said that 8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain at some point in their life. Back pain is one of the most common ailments affecting people around the world especially in women and has known to be very painful to endure. Back pain causes are many and women have been known to be more prone to posture and back problems.

If you are experiencing any back pain and problems then early intervention will help prevent a chronic condition from developing. You can find several helpful tips and good habits below. If you follow these simple steps it can help ease your back pain and also prevent it too.

Be active and exercise

Being active is one of the best ways to combat back pain and is recommended frequently. Even simple exercises like walking are extremely helpful. Exercise is good as it helps strengthens the back muscles. Exercise is important as too much rest can worsen some types of back pain and decreases muscle strength.

But do not overexert yourself and avoid strenuous activities like gardening. You can start out with some gentle exercises like walking and move on to core strengthening pelvic exercises.

Try out a regular strength training routine that focuses on your core muscles. This will help reduce the risk of back-related injuries such as strains and muscle spasms. Also, add some abdominal strengthening exercises into your routine as they help to develop a stronger and more flexible back.

Yoga is popular among people who experience back pain. Yoga is very therapeutic and helps in reducing chronic lower back pain. It can help improve back pain by loosening tight muscles, building strength and relaxes the muscles.

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Stretch your body at intervals during the day. Standing or sitting in one place for extended time periods is not good for your back. Relieve the strain whenever you can by taking a small break and walking around and doing simple stretches. Stretching will help improve blood circulation in the back and ease any strains or aches.

Manage your posture and watch your weight

Good posture is important to maintain as a bad posture can put strain and stress on your back which will affect your spine. Always avoid slouching when sitting or standing. Slumping and not standing properly straight will make it harder for your back to support your weight causing stress on the back.

You must be careful when lifting and carrying heavy objects. Instead of bending over from the waist you should try to bend and straighten up from the knees. Try not to wear high heeled shoes frequently as they create a more unstable posture and increase pressure on the lower spine.

Also, keep a watch on your weight. If your body is overweight then it could put excess stress on your spine which is not healthy. Follow a healthy diet and exercises to maintain your weight within a healthy range.

Supplements and therapies

Calcium and magnesium supplements are said to have a good effect on people with back pain. They help reduce muscle spasms and pain intensity. A study has shown magnesium therapy helped improve lumbar mobility in patients with chronic lower back pain.

For people with extreme back pains, herbal therapies can be suggested. You can visit a registered practitioner and take some homeopathic medicines. Few researches have shown that herbal medicines when combined with physical therapy can help reduce chronic lower back pain.

You can also consider topical treatments which consists of gels and creams. These do not interfere with any medications and are also inexpensive.

When considering supplements and herbal therapies always contact a doctor to learn more about the risks and side effects.

Increase vitamin D and calcium intake

Lack of strong bones are one of the common back pain causes in people. Strong bones can help in preventing osteoporosis, a condition where bones become very weak and brittle. Vitamin D and calcium are very important in maintaining good bone health.

Consumes foods that have high concentration of vitamin D and calcium. Foods rich in calcium are milk, yogurt, and leafy greens. Fatty fish, egg yolks, beef liver and cheese are rich in vitamin D. Add these healthy foods to your healthy diet meals and eat them daily. You can also eat these foods as snacks and consume them at regular intervals during the day.


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