Most Common Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

There are many treatment alternatives and suggestions available for erectile dysfunction. Not all of them are authentic. Some contain wrong or inappropriate information that misleads the general population. 

In this article, you will come across some of the most common myths about erectile dysfunction that you need to comprehend. 

Myth 1:

Most older men have ED, and they need to learn to live with it.

Although most of the ED cases are of older men over 40 years of age, younger men can also have this disorder. The risk increases for the following conditions:

If you are young and have one or more of these conditions, you are at an elevated risk of getting the disorder. 

Myth 2:

If you can get an erection, you don’t have ED.

ED refers to a person’s inability to get and keep an erection long enough for the sex drive. Not all men experience the same symptoms in the ED. 

Some have trouble getting an erection, while others are unable to maintain the erection.

Myth 3:

If you struggle once in your bedroom, you have Erectile Dysfunction.

It’s not always the case. When you drink too much or are under some stress or depression, you can have temporary issues with erections. If the problem remains for more than three months, consult your healthcare specialist. It may be an indication of a chronic disorder, so get it checked without delay.

Myth 4:

Smoking and drinking do not cause Erectile Dysfunction

It is another popular myth about ED. The truth is that cigarette smoking damages the blood vessels, obstruct blood flow in the penis, and thus leads to problems with erection. 

Studies have found that ex-smokers reported significant improvement in the erection. So, quitting smoking can be beneficial.

Also, excessive drinking contributes to erectile dysfunction. Drink moderately upto two drinks per day to be at a reduced risk of getting the disorder.

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Myth 5:

ED reflects a person’s masculinity

It is a myth that is believed my millions. The fact is, “ED has nothing to do with masculinity.” When the testosterone level goes below the normal range, a man gets a healthy erection. ED can occur due to various reasons, and none of them proves how manly you are!

Myth 6:

All the medication for erectile dysfunction works similarly

Medicines like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis appertain to the PDE5 inhibitor class of drugs. All of them relax muscles and accelerates the flow of blood in the penis. 

There is a difference in how each of the drugs affects the body. Know about them to acquire the most significant possible benefit from each of them. 

Some drugs like Levitra and Viagra take 1 hour to reach maximal effectiveness, while Cialis takes two hours for the same. 

Myth 7:

You can take steroids to cure erectile dysfunction

Most men have a myth that they can take steroids to treat their problem of erectile dysfunction. 

Always check the level of steroid hormones in your blood before taking the pills. If the scale lies in the normal range, taking steroids would not help cure your problem.

Also, if your steroid level is low (<300 ng/dl), taking the pill to restore the normal levels of it won’t help. Several treatments are available that you can go through and get your erection woes solved. 

Myth 8:

If Viagra doesn’t perform well, you are left with no treatment alternatives.

People believe that the only way to treat erectile dysfunction is by utilizing Viagra. There are various other treatments available, like the injections of alprostadil. These are the injectable medicines that ease the smooth muscles and increases the blood flow in the penis. 

Myth 9:

No one but a specialist can treat ED.

At first, you can consult your physician to know if the condition is severe. He can suggest some tests and monitor your health. He can also recommend some first-line erectile dysfunction drugs like the ones we have discussed above in the article – Cialis or Viagra. 

Consult a urologist in case you have some urological issues accompanied by ED. These issues may include prostate issues and urination issues. 

Myth 10:

Erectile Dysfunction is psychological.

In most cases, physical factors lead to ED, although specific medication and psychological issues may also cause the disorder. 

When there is an inadequate amount of blood flow in the penis, men experience problems with getting and maintaining an erection. It is one of the significant physical factors causing erection issues. 



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