Most Common Mistakes For Intermittent Fasting

There are several common mistakes first-time intermittent faster’s make. While doing so people try and achieve to lose weight from various body parts like the pancreas, their liver, their belly, and their hips. We often turn to sources that are mostly unreliable for dietary practices but this comprehensive list of mistakes that you may have been doing will help you rectify them.

1. Trying Too Hard And Too Fast

Most people try to fast for longer hours than necessary. Intermittent fasting is a natural thing and we do it every day while we are asleep. Also, human beings have been fasting on purpose or against their will for thousands of years which makes intermittent fasting a very natural way for humans to live. If you are a beginner and you are not used to fasting for long hours then do not think of doing so at the beginning. For example, if you are already sleeping for 8 hours on a daily basis it is recommended not to begin your day with a 16 hour long fast. Start with an 8 hour fast and follow this schedule for a week, then increase the number of hours gradually from 8 to 10 hours a day. Slowly work your way to fasting for 16 hours a day. 

2. Accidentally Breaking Your Fast While Doing It 

A lot of people get fasting and cleansing confused. Intermittent fasting is not any type of cleanse. Any type of juice is it fruit, vegetable, organic, packaged, sugar-free or even if you just went out and picked up a fruit to eat it will break up your fast. Because any type of fruit juice contains sugar and which will bump up your insulin level and ultimately break your fast. Another thing that people do is that they add some type of Amino acids or some sort of protein into the liquids that they drink while they fast. Even the tiniest amount of protein will increase your insulin level in your bloodstream and this will break your fast so any kind of protein drinks like milk and protein shakes should be avoided. So branch chain amino acids or any kind of amino acid supplement or drink that breaks your fat should not be ingested. 

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3. Not Eating Enough Fat During The Eating Window 

For a lot of people we have been told since childhood to fear fat, avoid fatty foods as it will make you fat and we need to get over this thought. Because in order for us to not be hungry during our fast we need to consume a good amount of fat in our eating window. Also drinking fat during your fast for most people does not break their fast for them. And so fat is really one of your best friends when you are doing intermittent fasting. 

4. Not Eating Enough Vegetables 

You have to eat your vegetables to get your vitamins, minerals and your nutrients. If you are not eating a lot of vegetables then you are not eating a human diet. Ketchup and french fries, the American favorite are not vegetables and they will not give you and your body the nutrition it needs to build healthy skin cells, brain cells, muscle cells. If you do not like eating your vegetables then go on an adventure on the produce aisle of your grocery store and look for vegetables you have never tried eating before. Do not look for the vegetables that your mom tried to feed you as a child and you hated them. Do not start there. When you find something new, take it home with you and look for recipes on Google or eat it raw and give it a try. If you think you are eating enough vegetables, you are probably not eating enough vegetables.

5. Fasting During The Wrong Time Of The Day For You 

We all fast while we sleep, but as you increase the number of hours, those hours are going to creep into your mornings or they are going to creep back from your evening. Most people end up skipping their morning meal or skipping their evening meal. Some people do not skip any meal and eat all of them three times a day but they just eat it in a constricted eating window. So growing up being a breakfast eater most of the intermittent fasters will find it much easier to break the fast later in the day while fasting in the morning. 

But this should be a personal practice where you manage your own fasting and eating window easily. You may begin eating in the day or in the evening. The only thing you should make sure of is that you strictly eat during the eating window. You have to figure out what is best for you physically or socially depending on your family schedule. If you fast during the wrong part of your day then it would mess you up and you would not be able to follow it through. 

6. Using Sweeteners Of Any Kind During Your Fast 

Any kind of sweetener, even if it is just sugar-free if it is the pink, blue and yellow packets, stevia or even if it is Monk fruit extract it does not matter. If it tastes sweet it is going to elevate your insulin levels in your bloodstream which will break your fast. You have to get over this need of consuming something sweet all the time. When you are fasting, you can drink with some fat in it but it cannot taste sweet because it will break your fast.

7. Not Eating Enough Salt

This might surprise a lot of people but not eating enough salt is keeping your body away from many essential minerals. Pink Himalayan Sea salt or Grey salt which are one of the types of unprocessed salt that has all the micronutrients in it. The salt is going to keep away from being hungry but will also give you all the minerals and micronutrients you need to build all those body parts mentioned earlier. 

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