Make The Sundays All About You- 6 Selfcare Tips For Men

We understand that you are a big, strong, working man who is driven and spends maximum time of the day thinking and talking work. But men are human too and the human body needs serious care. Weekdays are suffused with all work and targets, and weekends come like a ship on mundane coast to sail you away somewhere, where the party is waiting for you. But the right thing to do is to not confuse parties with a form of relief and care that you should give to yourself. While it may light up your mood to a great deal but what your body needs is not high music and alcohol to rejuvenate, instead of something that releases the stress and calms the mind and body. 

Here we bring you 6 tips on how to make Sundays all about yourself by providing yourself with all the care you need. 

1. Begin the day with exercise

All the working days have left you craving for a long sleep on a Sunday morning but trust me, waking up early on the weekends become even more important. Plus, you will never regret waking up early on a bright Sunday morning once you start making the best use of dawn. Leave bed early, fetch your yoga mat, and indulge in Yoga. You can also choose to serve the purpose through the gym if you like. This will not only keep you fit but also infuse healthy energy in your body for the entire day. Waking up early on weekends also helps in maintaining the same sleep pattern as that of weekdays thus making it easier for you to get your sleepy body to work on Monday. 

2. Meditate

Not the kind of meditations performed by the saints on Himalaya top, but the one where you just close your eyes and inhale the huge gulp of fresh air, feeling the serenity of nature around you, birds chirping, breeze flowing, the sound of leaves rustling. And then you exhale slowly all the shitload of stress and deadlines, hovering your mind like bees around nectar. You let it go and realize how light and free your brain feels. And that is exactly the peace you’ve been craving for. You can choose to meditate early in the morning or in the evening but make sure the place that you choose is away from the humdrum of the city. 

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3. Gift of Massage

No doubt your body is screaming for a therapy that can relax all your muscles and bones, by the time it is weekend. Call a massage therapist at home or drive to one in case you are up for a drive. The aftereffects will be so rejuvenating that you will hallucinate your body singing in gratification.

4. Put Your Smartphone to Rest

When it is Sunday, make sure it is a Sunday for your phone too. Try taking only important calls and revert only urgent texts. Keep social media at bay and make sure to spend time in the real world, with the people who matter. In case you need technical reasoning for keeping the phone at bay, try considering this- cell phones emit radiations that are proven to cause stress and disrupt sleep. 

5. Manicure For The Mighty Man

Please don’t say, “Manicure? That is a woman’s business’’

If Snoop dog does it, you can do it too. There is nothing feminine or masculine about taking care of your body. From hair to nails, everything that comprises the part of your body, deserves utter care. Even women need to shave their hair, and men need to clean their nails. Duh!

6. Give your Skin a Nourishment

Take a bubble bath or simply hot water shower, put on some moisturizer and relax. Need a bit of better advice? Apply a herbal face pack and give your skin all the pampering that it has ever needed. There isn’t a better way to feel refreshing than letting your skin breathe free. 

If all the societal norms and peer pressure have tricked you into thinking that masculinity and self-care can never be on the same page, then rip the opinions and keep yourself on the top of priority.   

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