Low on energy levels? A good night sleep with daily exercise may help

Good night sleep and energy level

Each individual as per their age standard requires a different number of hours to get a quality good night sleep. Most importantly you don’t have enough energy level to do the things you want to do on a daily basis. So what we need to do to break the constant cycle of tiredness and get back to Daily energy reserve. Respecting your body sleep cycle can help you get a good night sleep.

There are some people who manage to be full of life but some are always lack of energy levels. Even when you are getting more than enough sleep which is required,  but you are still fighting for the right amount of energy levels for the day. Why are you always tired? If your number of hours of sleep isn’t the problem, the second most common cause of fatigue comes from lack of physical activity. Daily Exercise and energy level are associated with each other. Study after study it has been found that adults who begin light daily exercise a few times a week reported more energy level after 6 weeks. People who daily exercise reports sleeping better.

One study found that a drop of 1.5 % in our body is normal water level can cause difficulty concentrating. Your blood gets thick and which slows down nutrients and oxygen getting to your muscles and organs. However, a 2% drop is enough to make you feel thirsty, so while there is no need to gulping down gallons of water. Staying hydrated throughout the day will certainly help the energy level to be maintained.

Some reports say that after becoming intoxicated one would fall asleep faster but their quality of sleep was actually much lower, particularly during the second half of their good night sleep. Ultimately alcohol reduces the amount of real sleep you get. And, if you are binge drinking and sleeping in on the weekends be aware that a consistent sleep schedule is really required for a good night sleep and balanced energy level.

Try waking up close to your normal time on weekends and having shot 20-minute nap in the day will help you to get a good night sleep schedule better which would enhance your energy level for the next day. These will still recharge your body without going into deep sleep and making you more tired. You are also more likely to fall asleep at a correct time on Sunday evening making Monday morning easier.

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Of your mental well-being plays a role too in hindrance of good night sleep and resultant energy level for the upcoming day. Anxiety is a big one. And it is one of the main symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder that affects the good night sleep regime of a person. Not only that, but anxiety may be affecting your sleep quality. Another serious problem is depression. It can cause physical, and emotional fatigue. While to some it causes more sleep which doesn’t necessarily relief the issue of getting a good night well and enough in amount.

To maintain your energy level every day a good 30 minutes daily exercise regime can help. Exercise and energy levels are closely associated. If you have a 20 minutes brisk walk as an exercise the nerves, muscles and tissues will become more active and help reduce calories. The heat produced by daily exercise helps the body to detoxify the toxins that were stored in the body. These toxins if get stored in the body for a long time, they convert to fat and can make you sleepy all day.

Exercise and energy level

If a simple exercise is started it is surveyed that at any person who is suffering low energy levels gets a boost of energy levels when they start to follow a good daily exercise regime. A simple activity can make you feel lighter and more relaxed. Therefore, daily exercise is just not only beneficial for the physical development of the body but also for the various mental relaxations. A combined study has proved that the happy hormones are released when and a good exercise plan is followed. This hormone can help in the prevention of diseases like depression, muscle joint pain, muscle stiffness which makes you be more active throughout the day.

Therefore, exercising and having a good night sleep can do you can beer fruitful results for obtaining more energy levels.



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