Liver Cirrhosis – The Outfit of The Dying Liver

Our body is a fighter. We live and take time out from the daily drill to give a toast or two while our body keeps cleaning the mess we leave behind. Most of the time, alone, without letting us know. But all good things come to an end and so does our immune system’s endurance towards diseases. And that’s how liver diseases (like many other diseases) comes into the picture. Out of all the diseases that grope our body, liver diseases reflect a great concern because there are no early signs of what is going wrong with our liver. The symptoms become visible once the damage is done. One such medical condition that says ‘Save Your Liver Anyhow’ is Liver Cirrhosis. 

Liver Cirrhosis is not a primary disease, in fact, it is the last stage of liver malfunctioning that comes into notice when other initial liver diseases have already made the matters worse. Medical experts define liver Cirrhosis as the condition where the healthy tissues of the liver are continuously replaced by scarred tissues. This scarring is caused due to a long term exposure to alcohol or some sort of infection. Once the scarring begins, it keeps scraping and replacing the healthy tissues of the organ for many years until the scarred tissues stop the normal liver functioning completely due to the blocked flow of blood. Liver Cirrhosis is a grave medical concern since liver disease symptoms are very subtle, in fact, almost invisible. Men are more prone to the condition than women. 

The liver is an essential organ for a human being to stay alive because of the significant functions it performs. These include purification of blood, storage of extra sugar, producing the liver juice bile that enables the absorption of fat, cholesterol and essential nutrients like vitamins. A dysfunctional liver can make the body fatally toxic. Like most of the disease, the early detection of liver disease symptoms can help in controlling the damage.

Liver Cirrhosis Causes

The liver is a self-healing organ. It holds the traits of regenerating cells in order to heal the damage caused to it. However, when the organ is exposed to a long term consumption of alcohol or infection, it loses its capacity to take arms against whatever damage comes in the way. This leads to the destroying of the liver tissues that reaches to the last stage where the gland-organ of the body shrinks in size and develops a hard surface interrupting the flow of blood inside it. 

The major cause of liver cirrhosis and other liver diseases in the US long term alcohol abuse. According to studies consumption of more than 2 drinks per day in women and 3 drinks in men for good 10-12 years converts into the backbone for liver cirrhosis. These alcoholic drinks include everything including beer and wine. Apart from alcoholism, hepatitis is also recognised as a factor that majorly leads to liver disease. Hepatitis can be the result of sexual intercourse with an infected person or blood products that were used by diseased. 

Apart from the above two factors, there are other factors as well that lead to liver cirrhosis. Hemochromatosis (a disorder where the body fails to handle the amount of iron and copper), medications, and damage in the bile duct. 

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Liver Cirrhosis Symptoms 

By now, one thing must have been sculptured in your mind that liver diseases hardly leave their footprints behind for the victim to follow the lead. But once the disease has progressed and taken the shape of liver cirrhosis, the symptoms are visible. Following are the signs to look out for liver cirrhosis-

  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Bleeding through nose
  • Loss in appetite
  • Itching of skin
  • Jaundice
  • Having a hard time thinking clearly
  • Swollen legs and abdomen
  • Development of breast tissues in males (gynecomastia) 
  • Erectile dysfunction and impotence. 

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment

No matter how big the damage is, there is always ray sunshine. Early detection of cirrhosis can assist the doctors in reducing the aftermath.

As the beginning of troubleshooting, the diseased needs to immediately stop alcohol consumption. Professional help is advised if the addiction is hard to leave. 

The next immediate step in liver cirrhosis treatment is medications that are prescribed to bring hepatitis or its threat under control. 

Portal veins are veins that do the function of transferring blood to the liver. In the situation of liver cirrhosis, the flow of blood into the liver is blocked which causes the collection and blockage of blood in the portal veins leading to high blood pressure in the region. The next step in the process of liver cirrhosis treatment should be to release the blood pressure from the portal veins. The high blood pressure even causes bleeding in the varices (dilated blood vessels due to hypertension in portal veins). And if the things unfold in this direction, a lengthy treatment process is initiated along with medications. Antibiotics are also prescribed to avoid any sort of infection. Patients also have to undergo regular checkups since the risk of liver cancer increases to a very high extent.  


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