Lifestyle Hacks To Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control

High blood pressure is like a “silent killer”. It does not have any specific symptoms that can be diagnosed. Usually, a person has high blood pressure when the blood circulating in his body puts extra pressure on the walls of the arteries. It damages them and increases the risk of strokes, and heart problems. Hypertension could lead to heart failure or kidney diseases.

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If you also have high blood pressure, it is high time to get your lifestyle under control. You need to modify your life by including healthy eating habits, avoiding alcohol, smoking, and various other things.

Following are some of the life hacks which could help you to keep your blood pressure under control:

Watch your waistline and lose some extra kilograms: There is a high risk of being overweight if you have a blood pressure problem. More weight could cause sleep apnea which could raise your blood pressure. If you are adamant about losing weight, you can make a daily diet chart and follow it strictly. Monitor every intake of your food and keep track of what you eat and drink. Also keep in mind to have healthy food, instead of all the junk that can rapidly increase your cholesterol level. Weight Loss is one of the most effective ways of lowering blood pressure. For setting a benchmark, you can consult your doctor about how much weight you need to lose to have a healthy heart and life. 

Take the food items which are low in calories, but high in vitamins, and minerals. They can also satisfy your hunger.

Regular Exercising: If you keep yourself physically fit, there is less chance that your cholesterol level will increase. 30 minutes of exercising, would keep you less prone to the increased blood pressure.

Regular exercise can keep you lower the pressure at a safer level. There are various exercises that are advised by the doctor to maintain your blood pressure:

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Dancing
  • Skiing
  • Rowing
  • Skipping

Restrict the intake of alcohol from your diet: Alcohol is anyways harmful to the body but for people with hypertension, it is extremely dangerous. In a small amount, alcohol can just work fine and may sometimes reduce your blood pressure, but it can cost you big time if you consume in a large amount. It is not advisable for the patients of hypertension to consume alcohol.

Avoid Smoking: Smoking is really dangerous for health. It hardens the wall of arteries and narrows them by creating a clot in the blood vessels so as not to allow the smooth blood flow. People who quit smoking often show more life expectancy than smokers. The chemical component in the cigarette can damage the lining of your arteries and immediately raise the level of your blood.

Do not take Stress: Stress can act dramatically in increasing your blood sugar level. It could cause a temporary spike in blood pressure. But if you see frequent changes in your blood pressure, stress might play an important role in it. It can cause damage to the blood vessels, heart, or kidneys. Stress can also release hormones that will be harmful to your heart and blood pressure.

To combat stress, there are various things that you can do :

  • Relax and try to have happy thoughts.
  • Know what are the things that trigger your stress and try to get rid of them.
  • Interact with friends and family.
  • Divert your mind from the problems that might increase your blood pressure.

Monitor Your Blood Pressure: Keeping tabs on your blood pressure at home could be beneficial for you to control your lifestyle. Choose a proper sphygmomanometer, and with proper diet and exercises, measure the level of your blood pressure on a regular basis so as to avoid any kind of complications.

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Visiting Doctor: After following all the safety measures, and keeping all the necessary points in mind, it is recommended to all to have a proper check-up by the doctor. Do check the level of potassium in blood twice or thrice in a year. After strictly sticking up to your diets and other lifestyle hacks, you could visit the doctor, and give him complete details of your condition.


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