Legitimate Financial Aids For Cancer Patients- Because It Is Ruthless

The world is changing rapidly. With technological advancement and upgradation, the cure of many diseases of the world now stands within the line of successful treatment. However, no matter how curable certain diseases get, the horror of the suffering and recovery phase can still not be abbreviated. One such disease is cancer. 

In 2018, almost 17 million people of the world were registered with cancer, among which the most common kind of cancers are breast cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer, and prostate cancer.

The treatment is no doubt possible but only if detected at the right time. 

Out of the total number of cancer patients in the world, one-quarter of this group is incapable to afford the treatment. 

Having said that, there is good news and bad. The good news is, there are several cancer trusts and charities worldwide to help the victims of the disease, both financially and mentally. The bad news is, maximum patients and their families don’t know about these charity societies which deprives them of the aid. 

Therefore, if you know someone who needs or you yourself want to rescue your loved one from the financial crises during cancer, here is the list of best cancer charity societies and how you can approach them. 

1. Cancer Care

Cancer Care is a non-profit organization which has various programs to cover different financial costs incurred during cancer treatment like-

  • Financial Assistance Program that covers transportation, homecare and childcare costs.

  • Co-payment Assistance Foundation that aids in insurance co-payment to cover treatment and chemo costs.

Anyone in need can connect with them on:

Call: 800-813-4673

Email: [email protected]

2. Avon Cares Program For Women Facing Cancer 

Avon Cares Program For Women Facing Cancer is the subsidiary program by Cancer Care for women suffering from breast and cervical cancer. It provides financial aid to the lower-income, underserved and financially weaker women of the U.S. The financial services are varying and also involve childcare, home care and transportation for the patients. 

Connect with them on: 

Call: 800-813-4673

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3. Candle Lighters Childhood Cancer Foundation 

Candle Lighters Childhood Cancer Foundation is an NPO in Nevada that provides financial assistance to the parents when a child suffers from cancer. There varied financial services include reimbursement of doctor visits, clinic visits, prescription, diagnosis, etc., travel assistance, etc. They maintain an organizational list and eligible families can apply for financial aids if they meet the criteria.

Connect with them on:

Call: 800-366-2223

Email: [email protected]

4. Samfund

Samfund organization helps cancer patients aged between 21 to 39 to deal with the financial crises during treatment. The services range from medical bills, transportation, living expenses, etc.

Connect with them on:

Call: 617-938-3484

5. Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society provides financial aid to the patients of Leukemia, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and multiple Lymphoma. They have different financial programs to assist the sufferer like-

  • Co-Paid Assistance Program
  • Patient Aid Program
  • Patient Travel Assistance Program
  • Urgent Need Program 

You can visit their website to understand their aids in detail. 

Connect with them on:

Call: 800-955-4572

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