Knowing Warts and HPV

Warts are generally defined as fleshy outgrowths caused due to the viral infection on the topmost layer of the skin. These are described as grainy in nature which mostly occurs on hands or legs. These are extremely rough in touch. The affected area usually feels like a rough pebble. Warts caused commonly showcase tiny little spots which are formed due to the blocked blood vessels of the affected area. Hence, in case you observe a dark-colored bump on your skin anytime soon, be sure to check for warts!

These are highly contagious and can be caused due to viruses. The development time of the wart can vary from person to person. Although harmless, these can cause embarrassment if they appear on the face or on hands.

What are the Symptoms of Warts?

These usually manifest on the thickened layers of our body (e.g. palms of our hands and soles of our feet).

These may be:

1. The commonly caused warts small in size. The diameter can vary from 0.5 cm to 2 cm. Although, the size of the wart is rarely of an importance.

2. The warts can be flesh-colored, creamy or pink in people with a fair complexion. On the other hand, they appear as greyish or black lumps in people with a dark complexion.

3. If felt with a bare hand, the wart is usually firm and appears extremely rough in feel.

4. Black pinpoints are a classical hallmark of warts.

What are the Causes of Warts?

Common warts are usually caused due to the potent virus- Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The HPV virus has sustained over a long period of time. With over 150 novel strains (and more developing as we read this), HPV is one of the most contagious disease causing virus. Out of the HPV virus strains, some of them are transmitted via sexual intercourse only. The sexually transmitted disease, Genital Warts, is a classical condition by which the HPV virus affects the genitals. 

Common warts are usually caused by direct contact. The chances of an individual getting warts multiplies if he/she uses the articles soiled formerly by an infected individual.

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The most potent way for the entrance of the virus includes the entry through broken skin. Crevices of the skin offer an excellent entry system into the body. Excessive biting of nails are also a factor which can lead to the cropping up of warts near the margins of the nail.

Immunity plays an important part in the development of warts. This is specific to an individual and hence can’t be isolated as a cause.

Who are at Risk of Developing Warts?

Although, immunity is the main factor deciding the appearance or disappearance of the warts, there are conditions which promote the formation of warts:

1. Young adults

The HPV virus can infect young adults easily as they do not have the adequate immunity to fight the infection.

2. Diabetic Individuals

Diabetic individuals are at a risk of getting warts as they have a lowered immune response to any sort of infection.

Hope these points help you identify your wart situation!


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