Know Some Common Asthma Triggers

If you are also the patient of asthma, then you must know that it is an inflammation of airways in the lungs. In this, the airways got narrowed down and blocked resulting in tight muscles around the airways. This can cause wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, etc. Asthma is caused by various triggers. They can vary from person to person. It has usually been found that the symptoms do not occur immediately after the exposure to these triggers, they take some time to show the signs and then cause complications.

The doctor for asthma commonly called an immunologist or allergist in that case easily finds out that what trigger is causing your problem. He clearly identifies the triggers and develop the treatment plan and recommend you how to take the necessary steps to get rid of the asthma attacks. By following these steps, a person can lead a happy life.

There are some triggers that commonly can cause asthma and you should be aware of:


There are some substances that can cause allergies and can also trigger asthma symptoms. If you inhale some substances that you are allergic to, you may get asthma. It is better to get in the least contact with those allergens that can cause the symptoms of asthma.

Some common allergens may be:

  • Pollens
  • Dust mites
  • Cockroaches
  • Molds
  • Rodents
  • Animals fur

Respiratory Ailments:

They are the most common triggers in children. They include

  • Cold
  • Flu
  • Sore Throats
  • Pneumonia
  • Sinus Infections

Irritants in the air:

According to several studies, scientists have found that environmental irritants may cause people to suffer from asthma. Some irritants available in the air are:

  • Air pollution such as smog, fog, etc
  • Smoke from chimneys
  • Smoke from cigarettes.
  • Chemicals
  • Dust and particles present in the air


This type of asthma is commonly the cause nowadays. It is also termed as Exercise-induced asthma. Sometimes, hardcore exercise may trigger asthma. They make you harder to even breathe. Its symptoms may not appear immediately after exercising, but results are usually visible after some time.


It is one of the common causes of asthma. A sudden change in weather may impact the airways and cause shortness of breath etc. Dry wind, cold air or dusty wind maybe some of the weather changes that could affect your airways.

Strong Emotions:

Emotions play a major role in our lives. The sudden change of them may cause us to pain as well as it has now been also considered as one of the triggers of asthma. Some emotions include:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Excitement
  • Stress
  • Crying
  • Yelling


They could also be an active trigger for asthma patients. If you are allergic to some medicines like aspirin or NSAIDs, you should be cautious and talk to the doctor. Sometimes, beta-blockers can also make asthma harder to control.

  • There also occurs a situation when menstrual changes, sulfites in food, or other physical health issues may affect your asthma rates.

What medications should be taken?

Asthma is a chronic disease and incurable as well. It could only be controlled. It includes proper medications and prevention strategies to live a carefree life. If you are also the patient of asthma, you must always keep an inhaler with you which quickly gives you relief from all the symptoms. It reduces airway inflammation. There are some quick-relief medications as well that provide temporary relief. These medicines are usually referred to as bronchodilators which are short-acting beta-agonists that have been administered by inhalers. Some long-term medicines are also there that are important for many people who are suffering from asthma. They control airway inflammation and tightness in the chest. It is necessary to follow some management plan for asthma and keep consulting your doctor on a regular basis.

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