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There are over a million doctors that reside in the United States of America and have been of service to many Americans throughout the years. This number also includes specialists and physicians who have completed a long process of their four-year study along with three to seven years of residency training to make life better. 

Whenever we come across the word ‘Doctor’ we automatically imagine a man or a woman wearing a lab coat, a stethoscope hanging from their neck, holding a clipboard and smiling at you when they meet you. 

However, these doctors are more than just family doctors. All the doctors that you may have consulted in the past or will do so in the future have a specialization in at least one type of medicine or the other. They focus on one of the major or minor body parts of the human body. 

Here are the most common types of Doctors that you are liable to come across 

Anesthesiologist- These are trained professionals who are responsible to manage pain and vitals in patients during surgery. They also frequently oversee medical emergencies like cardiac arrests and uncalled breathing issues. 

Cardiologist- This is one of the many sub-practices that deal with internal medicine. The focus of treatment is largely of the heart, blood vessels and everything related to it. Becoming a cardiologist is a thorough practice and fellowship which takes a long time to achieve. 

Dermatologist- Dermatology is the study and treatment of the skin and the problems related to it. The focus is to examine all the risk factors that may indicate a long term skin disease like cancer which not treated on time can be lethal. Only a very few students from the top of the class are selected in dermatology programs which makes it a highly competitive field. 

Endocrinologist- This is another section of the internal medicine field. Endocrinologists focus on the care of the endocrine system of the human body. There are several glands in the endocrine system which secrete hormones that control and regulate the growth and functioning of our body. 

Family physician-  They are doctors who treat and medically take care of the whole family including the elderly, adults and children. They provide all the necessary vaccinations that are needed for a range of health issues, for example, the common flu. 

Gastroenterologist- This type of doctor specialize in treating the digestive organs and digestive issues. They study and examine problems in the stomach, small intestines, large-intestines, pancreas and sometimes the rectum. A range of problems like indigestion, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, severe pain etc. are treated by Gastroenterologists.

General Surgeon- These doctors are trained to perform surgery on any part of the body. They can operate on the gallbladder, the heart, remove tumors, etc. There are also specialization in this field for example Neurosurgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Colon and Rectal Surgeons, etc.   

Gynecologist- Also known as Obstetricians, this type of doctor specializes in the woman’s reproductive system. They examine and treat parts like the vagina, uterus, labia, ovaries, clitoris, etc. They also manage, assist and take care of the whole process of pregnancy. They also specialize in women’s health issues like menopause, hormonal issues, infertility, and contraception.

Hematologists- These doctors are specialized in focus on problems and diseases related to the blood, lymph glands and the spleen. They treat Leukemia, Anemia, Hemophilia and Sickle cell disease. 

Infectious disease physician- These doctors specialize in treating communicable infections and chronic diseases like HIV AIDS, Swine Flu, Jaundice, Bird Flu etc. 

Nephrologist- These doctors specialize in the treatment of the kidney and high blood pressure. They are a part of internal medicine who then specialize in nephrology. 

Neurologist- These doctors specialize in the treatment of the problems related to the brain. They treat very complex medical disorders that need intense care like Parkinson’s disease. They also help outpatients with migraine headaches and dizziness issues. 

Oncologist- This is a sub practice of the department of internal medicine where these doctors take care of patients that have been diagnosed with cancer. They often research and apply new methods of treating cancer. 

Ophthalmologist- Commonly known as an eye doctor, this type of doctor as the name clearly suggests, deal with everything related to the eye. They will prescribe you glasses and do a regular eye checkup for any infections or problems that occur. They even perform surgery from time to time. 

Otolaryngologist- Commonly known as the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), they deal with problems related to the ear both inside and outside, the nose and throat. They cover a lot of issues like problems with the sinus, infections, cancer etc. 

Pediatrician- They specialize in the field of child health. They take care of children since infancy till they are young adults. They provide primary healthcare needs and examinations for any occurring disease like cough, cold, digestive issues etc. 

Psychiatrist- These specialists work for the betterment of mental health and solve issues for the same. The treatment process usually takes a longer time than any other type of doctor. They may conduct their services either at medical institutions or at a separate but personal office. 

Pulmonologist-  They are responsible for treating the cardio-pulmonary system which consists of the heart and lungs that are important for the functioning of a smooth breathing process. They treat Lung Cancer, Pneumonia, Asthma, etc. 

Radiologist- These are trained professionals who are adept at using the X-ray machine, Ultrasound machine. They are sometimes able to perform radio oncology to treat cancer. 

Urologist- These are doctors who specialize in the male and female urinary systems of the body. They take care of problems like the Urinary bladder infection, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) etc. Along with this they also take care of the male reproductive system which deals with fertility issues, impotency, testicular cancer and performs prostate exams. 

With the help of this list, it should be much easier for you to understand the profile of the doctor that you need to see for the betterment of your health. 


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