IT Sector Is Full Of Brains But Lacks Vitamin D And B12

A recent WHO report stated that the generation is at a deficiency of Vitamin D and B12 due to varied combined factors like unhealthy lifestyle, reduced physical activities, imbalanced diet, lack of sleep and too much work pressure

It further revealed that 70 % of people worldwide are facing lifestyle-infused disease, which if taken care of, are preventable. Some of the lifestyle-infused diseases are cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression, lack of several vitamins, diabetes, respiratory infections, etc.

Recent studies have found that people who spend hours working on computer screen daily are at a high risk of vitamin B and B12 deficiency. These Vitamins are highly crucial for the overall functioning of the body because they have the power of controlling certain factors of which the biggest one is immunity levels. The weak immune system makes it very difficult for the body to fight against diseases. Therefore, it is advised that one should always have a routine body check-up.

This is the reason why people working in the IT sector are at a higher risk of this deficiency. The culprit is the busy life, inappropriate adoption of lifestyle and daily habits. Working in the IT sector requires long working hours’ commitment and a stretched working schedule before computer and laptop screens. This, in turn, leads to an unhealthy sleeping pattern and intake of a large amount of junk food hence, the deficiency.

The conditions that develop due to the lack of the essential vitamins are cold, flu, bronchitis, fatigue, tiredness, low or high blood pressure, bone pain, lower back pain, depression, stress, mood swings, slow wound healing. Symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency are pale skin, anemia, sleep disorder, breathlessness, racing heart, vision issues, loss of appetite, etc. If you have to experience any of the above-stated symptoms, it is advised that before it gets chronic, have your blood test done and start the medication under doctor supervision.

A large mass of technical workforce is dealing with cardiovascular diseases due to Vitamin D and B12 deficiency. Further, there are also the chances of  Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B deficiencies, as most of the working people are not getting enough time for physical exercise and outdoor activities. Every 6 out of 10 IT professional says that they have not seen the sunrise and sunset from years from the time they started going to the office. Is it the case with you also? Then, the chances are that you too might be dealing with muscle and joint pain issues.

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Now the question arises that how can one say it confidently that IT professionals are dealing more with Vitamin D and B12 deficiency? The reason involves a very simple science behind it. If you are not able to get proper sunlight, you are definitely lacking in Vitamin D and B12 deficiency. The Vitamin D is the main factor known for the absorption of Vitamin C i.e., calcium levels. The calcium is the one and prominent factor involved in making our bones, teeth, and muscular joints strong and active.

There is a vicious lifecycle involved in deficiencies of vitamins in our body. All functions of our human body are interlinked with each other. So, in order to fix one we need to check all parameters involved.

Thus, in to save one from diseases like cervical cancer, spondylitis, chronic backache, frequent headaches, joint pain, osteoarthritis etc. IT Professionals are advised to spend a lifestyle that involves outdoor activity for at least sometimes weekly to prevent Vitamin D and B12 deficiency.

Being an IT Professional all are aware that this takes a level of commitment to do. But you must be hard of that better mind lives in a sound body. Hence, adoption of a simple change in lifestyle habits can do wonders to your body, mind and soul. Out of which, a simple walk in sunlight for 15-20 minutes daily can help you save your costly insurance cover plans and medical bills. Hope to develop your body as important as the technical skills required for a better advancement and success with happiness in your life.

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