Is Your Home Not Happier? Try These Hacks

Most people believe that doing some fun activities can only boost their mood and make them happier. They don’t usually pay attention to what’s going on in their home, and that’s the point where they get mistaken.

The environment in your home can greatly affect your mood, and fortunately there are many ways you can follow to make your home a happier place to live.

No need of investing several dollars to redecorate your house or apartment for happy vibes – instead a few easy hacks can help alleviate the mood and relax yourself.

Do you know how an environment impacts your mood?

Your brain constantly scans the environment in which you live and send messages to your brain. You grasp the information by what you hear, see, smell and touch. This information is then interpreted in your brain and the cellular system to generate either positive or negative emotion.

Now, it would make sense for you to fill your personal space with the things that evoke positive emotions. Personal preferences of different persons may differ, although I have some best hacks that work well for most people, read the entire article and get to know about them.

Put Up Beautiful Images

Use beautiful painting, pictures or screensavers that you think can fill the lives of your and your family with immense joy. They even work at the cellular level and improve your mood.

You can choose from the following list of images that could make you feel happy:

  • Happy children and parents
  • Happy couples
  • Happy nature and animals
  • Happiness memes
  • Happy and positive quotes

Make Your Bed

This is one of the simplest tasks which takes just about three minutes and can contribute to making home happier. When your home is clean and tidy, you will have positive and happy vibes.

Clear Away Junk

While you keep your home organized and clutter-free and organized, it can help get rid of the items in your home that are of no use anymore. Infact, seeing many useless things around you can easily make you stressed.

A recent study suggests that women owning a home with a high  density of household objects have an elevated level of stress hormone cortisol.

Put Up Photographs Of Your Loved Ones

Pictures of happy memories and meaningful relationships can bring you joy. It will provide a sense of comfort and reduce stress with comforting and supporting gestures.

Make Every Room Back To “Ready”

It is a known fact that clutter can lead to stress. Develop a habit of making all the homes back to ready before you leave for work. In the evening, when you return home, a home that is clean and arranged can relieve all of your stress.

Use Aromatherapy

You can use aromatherapy with scented candles or room sprays that are energizing, calming, or nostalgic. Researchers believe that our olfactory response is associated with the emotional center of the brain, leading to similar feelings of those you have actually experienced the moment.

Some scents can also help encourage comforting or happy mood states. The fragrance of lavender can help make you calm and composed, citrus may help ignite energy, and pine can lower your stress levels.

Count Your Blessings

Have a white board at home, and every night before bed jot down at least about one thing that made you happy that particular day. If you have kids at home, you can also ask them what made them happy and jot it down on your board.

If You Can’t Get Out Of It, Try Getting Into It

Do you believe that the used dishes in your kitchen are going to clean themselves? No, you’ll have to do it, and so do it as soon as possible and believe me, you’ll feel relaxed after you’re done. Feel the tranquilizing wam water in your hands, have fun with the tickling nature of tiny water bubbles. Play your favorite music in loud volume, and pretend you’re enjoying while washing dishes.

Make An Intent For The day At A Priority Basis

Dalai Lama, in his book ‘The art of happiness’ states that every morning after you wake up, you need to think that –

”Every day, think as you wake up: today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it.”

Setting an intent for the day really helps, and that intent could be anything, provided it is not another to-do list for you. For example:

  • Be productive
  • Enjoy today’s relishing moments
  • Say thank you to your loved ones

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Do Small Favors For Your Family Members, And Expect Nothing In Return

Yeah, that’s right, expect nothing, not even a thank you. Reap the lawn for your husband and don’t expect you’ll get a pat on your back. Keep your home organized, make your bed for your wife and don’t try to acquire bonus points for it. If you share a room with someone, don’t wait for your roommate to clean the trash, and take it yourself. The ability to nurture strong, healthy relationships is one of the most prominent contributors to good health and happiness, but when you start expecting, the advantages are lost. If you have a pet at home, don’t yell at your partner that it’s their turn to clean the litter box . Do it yourself and you will definitely feel good.

Call At Least One Family Member Or Fried A Day

You can do this while you are cleaning your home, making your bed, or taking out your pet for a walk. You may be conversing with them over emails or various social media, but that doesn’t count. Make an actual phone call to your loved one, just to talk and catch up. Studies suggest that even when people don’t really wish to talk over a phone call, doing it can relieve the stress of your entire day.


If you like to sing, go ahead. Even if you don’t, just listen to music. Music has an incredible power of bringing people together, and developing emotions. If you want to feel happier, play your favorite music track. Keep the music on while cleaning or dusting, it will make the activity more enjoyable, and you will be able to complete the task soon.

Get Yourself Some Flowers

Why wait for the moment when someone brings a bouquet for you, while you can get it yourself. Studies suggest that getting some flowers can keep you in a good mood for a minimum of three days.

Add Some Plants

Nature can help heal your stress, anxiety, and depression. So, include more nature in your home – plants, fountains, and larger windows.

People usually love keeping the following plants at home:

  • Aloe vera
  • Snake plant
  • Spider plant
  • Boston fern
  • English ivy
  • Peace lily
  • Rubber plant
  • Mass cane

Create A Sacred Space

You may not be that religious, but it’s important that you create sacred space in your home. This will be the place where you can sit for a couple of hours to relax and think about the things you are grateful for. You will get a feeling of stress relief and overall well being.

Get In Some Light

So, it’s time you open those curtains and blinds. Natural light is significant as exposure to light is associated with improved mood. At the end of the day, if you feel comfortable in your home, you will be comparatively more relaxed.

Repaint The Walls Of Your Home

The color of walls you have in your home is much more crucial than just aesthetics. So, you may be wondering which color walls will work the best for you. Researchers believe that yellow or green walls evokes the immense feeling of joy and delight.

Invest On Those Things That Cultivate Experiences At Home

Set aside some money for a new grill at home or a DVD player that will make your family sit together and create memories and experiences. You can even plan a summer barbeque, invite your friends, kick back and relax.


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