Is Popping Pimples Bad for Your Skin?

I am sure everyone has had this thought in their heads at least one time. ‘Should I pop it?’ Pimples are certainly a menacing problem of today’s youth. They grow at weird areas and look certainly horrible. Although, these might make you look a bit ugly, do not pop them.

What does popping pimples do to your skin?

Pimples are filled with bacteria, infectious substances, sebum, and dead skin cells. When you try to pop or pinch them off, the content of the pimple appears to flow out of it. But, popping has a greater chance of pushing some of it within the skin. This leads to the entrance of the infectious material into the bloodstream. Blood flows through most parts of the human bodies. Hence, the infection is passed on to other areas which were previously immune to the infection.

What is Blemish?

After squeezing the pimple for a long time, it might turn into a more chronic form- Blemishes. Blemishes are cyst-like, hard red outgrowths which cause a lot of pain than pimples. These blemishes later wither to form scabs. These are crusty, hard growths on the affected area. Soon, the scabs fall from the attached skin surface. Although, the scabs leaving a mark. This is commonly known as the acne mark.

Blemishes can, rarely, transform into acne cysts. These contain infectious pus with the special features of a common blemish.

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How to Treat a Popped Pimple?

In case you have already popped the pimple, here are some tips to help you recover from the same.

1. Use an Ice Pack

If you pop your pimple with great force, you would develop a big, swollen bump on the site of infection. This can be countered by the usage of ice. Ice provides a soothing effect to the skin. In addition to that, it helps in reducing the inflammation produced at the site of the pimple.

2. Use an Antibiotic Ointment

Antibiotic Ointments are usually Over the Counter drugs. These can be used to treat the inflammation produced by a popped pimple. Use a dab to apply the ointment with the help of cotton. Make sure that you are gentle enough to not pop the inflamed blemish. Also, take special care to use the ointment cream at the specific location of the pimple. Ointment creams are known to suffocate the skin. Hence, application of ointment on areas other than the affected area might cause clogging of skin pores.

3. Do not Touch the Affected Area

Further disturbance and touching the affected area might lead to an exaggerated response. The entire area needs to be quarantined for a better healing procedure. Even if you see the formation of a white head, do not be eager to touch the skin. Interference during the body’s natural healing process might create more trouble for your skin.

Even though it might seem as the best choice to pop of that annoying pimple, stay strong. It is my best advice to stay away from the mirror. After all, you can pop a pimple only when you can see one. Right?

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