Is Dairy Good For You?

Let us talk about what form of dairy you should or should not ingest, drink or eat. I will also talk about the reasons for them. We will discuss milk, cheese, cream, and everything in between. I will go through why certain dairy products are bad and why certain dairy products are good. We will also talk about products that fall in the middle of the spectrum. 

What Is In Milk And Why Is It Bad? 

The number one component in milk is Lactose which is milk sugar. When you consume dairy in the liquid form of milk then you will know that it has sugar in it which is going to raise your blood sugar which in turn is going to raise your insulin level

This will ultimately cause you to gain weight. So when any young mammal is born, you want it to gain weight as quickly as possible. That is why the parent mammal provides their young ones with milk so that they gain weight and develop as quickly as possible. 

So in context, to gain weight one should drink milk but one should not if they want to lose weight because milk exists solely for this purpose only. Drinking milk from any other mammal has not been studied scientifically to prove whether it causes any long-term problems or not. 

We have been drinking milk from cows, goats, and other mammals for hundreds of years. We know that it is not an acute poison. 

You would not die immediately from drinking milk, but there are many things in our environment that turn out to be a slow long-term poison and there is probably some version of dairy which fits in that category that we are yet to find. 

The worst possible form of dairy that you can consume is skimmed milk. Heavy cream lies in the middle as it is alright to consume it from time to time. Real cheese is the best form of a dairy product as it provides you with fat and protein that we will discuss further later in the article. 

1. Sugar In Dairy (Lactose)

There is nothing special about lactose, it is simply sugar. Your body immediately recognizes it as sugar, it absorbs it as sugar and the body deals with lactose the way it does with sugar. 

If you are drinking a lot of skim milk every day and you think you are doing yourself a healthy favor, you are not because you are raising your blood sugar levels, your liver is trying to store that as fat within the liver which is a very bad thing for you body. 

In skim milk, all the fat has been removed and all that is left is the milk sugar and milk protein. For most people, the protein in the milk is very inflammatory and causes either short term or long term problems. If you look at the world as a whole, over half of the population in the entire earth cannot drink milk because they will have an immediate stomach upset and distress. 

Even the people who can consume the protein and but do not have the enzyme to break down the protein is still a problem because we have developed as a species but that is just a little bit. Any time that you eat sugar of any kind you are going to make yourself either gain a little or a lot of weight. And that is not the goal for most of us. 

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2. Protein

The reason that many people have terrible trouble when they consume any form of liquid dairy is that they are allergic to milk protein or they have an inflammatory response in their gut to the milk protein. You do not want any of the two because things like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and all other different problems will be a result of the allergy and inflammation. 

Many people are starting to think that perhaps long term inflammatory and even autoimmune conditions are coming from these proteins that our body was not really made to break down in such large quantities. Proteins in liquid milk are designed especially for baby cows. Their body knows exactly what to do with the proteins in milk and cow milk and it works for them just fine. They have no problem developing further and hence can process milk as much as they can get on a daily basis. 

3. Fat

This is the constituent that is demonized for the last 50-60 years and hence people tend to pick up skimmed and low-fat milk. We have been taught by our federal government, nutritionist and our doctors that fat is bad for our bodies and you want to get that out. You may have never seen a cheese or a dairy product that says protein-free because we are not afraid of protein. We have not been trained to be afraid of protein our whole lives.  Fat in milk is not the bad part. 

That is why the fat from cheese and heavy cream is not bad for consumption. Now even the health department of the government has come out and said that fat is not the macromolecule to be concerned about, there is no maximum or minimum amount of consuming fat daily. 

If you want to put heavy cream in your coffee, you can go ahead and do that because as per medical studies fat will not increase your cholesterol levels or make you gain weight. In fact, the more fat consuming diet that you follow will actually help you lose weight. So do not be afraid of the fat. Cheese is a milk product that is confusing to some people as it is dairy. Then how is it not bad for you? 

When you make yogurt or when you make any semi-solid or solid dairy products you expose the liquid milk to a microbe of some sort which is either fungal or bacterial in nature or a combination of the two, they eat up all the sugar (lactose) from the milk, which is beneficial for you. 

After this, they also act on the protein, bend it, contort it and change the molecular shape of the protein. That is what makes the cheese into a solid form instead of a liquid form. The microbe donates the fat because they do not like to consume it. They like the sugars and they leave all the fat and contort the protein accordingly.

Now some companies will try to take the fat out of the cheese leaving just the proteins but they have to usually add some chemicals back into the cheese to make it a viable tasty cheese food product. But what you want to get is real cheese in your body. 

Which is a real dairy that has been acted on by a microbe which eats all the sugar, leaves the fat and changes the protein molecules to make it way less inflammatory for your body. You can eat real cheddar, real parmesan, real swiss as there is no problem with these instead of cheeses that you want to avoid like packaged cheeses. Avoid cheese products that say they have no fat in them or that say cheese food product on them. These were manufactured in the factory are not even real foods in the first place. 

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