How To Smell Fresh As Poppy All Day

When One Direction said, “You turning heads when you walk through do-o-or’’, take note that the girl must have come out of something smelling roses.

Smelling good is an art and nothing less than that. It’s one hell of a trick to come across as an irresistible person who is actually hard to get out of the mind. Whether it is a good smelling coworker who draws all the attention on entering into the office or the ex who, out of the blue, comes running back into your mind on smelling the fragrance he used to wear, your body odour can actually become your trademark. On the contrary, smelling of an oily rag will, undoubtedly, bring you under notice but for all the wrong reasons. Think of it as food that smells good and the one that smells bad. Our olfactory senses repel bad odour in a jiffy whereas delightful fragrance entices us even if the food doesn’t really taste well.

Another way of understanding the importance of good odour is to realise that smelling good effortlessly boosts self-confidence. You might think twice before going near the person you like if you know that you aren’t smelling good. But a good body fragrance is a sure shot way to feel confident about yourself. 

So if the art of smelling makes you sound like an amateur, we have compiled a list of tricks that can answer your question, “how to smell good all day” by improving natural body scent.

1. Maintain Natural Hygiene

This is no unwritten rule, but a basic, BASIC, requisite to not just smell good but to eliminate seventy percent of all your life problems. There is no easier and more effective way of avoiding body odour if you’ve been dealing with one or never want to deal with one. Make sure to take shower daily, twice in summers, especially when you’re about to meet someone you are intending to leave an impression on. Not just it helps you to smell good all day long, it also enables you to feel fresh and energetic, thus a major requirement to naturally smell refreshing. 

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2. Don’t Repeat Clothes

Again, an obvious but a very significant measure to avoid stink is to make sure not to repeat last day’s outfit. You may think that you look best in a certain attire but hello! It’s all vain if you smell like a rotten pie. Send the clothes for laundry once you’ve worn them immediately and then prefer wearing them again. All the sweat and dirt you’ve accumulated in those clothes can only make one favour for you, to make you the most repealing person in the room. 

3. And, SHOES!

Here comes the major turn off. Bad smelling shoes can actually coerce people into imagining pushing you away instantly. Okay! Talking realistically, people will actually run away from you. And if you want to avoid the situation like that, the best you can do is to wash your shoes every second day (dry cleaning them on a daily basis). The same goes with the sock. Your major priority should be to never repeat the same pair of a sock without washing. 

For better assurance, carry a foot spray with you so that any sort of unfavorable smell that you detect escaping from your foot, can be immediately suppressed.

4. Don’t forget the Oral Hygiene

You may look appealing and smell delightful externally, but what about the times when you open your mouth to speak something. If your mouth smells of all the things that you ate last night, chances are your conversation might end in the fraction of minutes. The solution is simple and significant. Make sure to brush your teeth daily and rinse the mouth with a mouth wash. Floss your teeth and clean your tongue. Advances way of dealing with the issue is to avoid eating raw onion, garlic or anything else that may become the reason behind a foul smell from mouth. In case you are consuming the same, make it a habit to clean your mouth properly after the consumption. 

An even better way is to keep a mouth wash handy so as to make sure you can block bad breathe whenever it approaches. 

5. And The Fragrances

Wearing your favourite perfume is no doubt the key, however, just wearing the scent isn’t enough. The art of smelling involves the right knowledge of how to get that scent to serve your purpose. While applying perfume may not be the natural way of smelling good but come on! How to apply fragrances with intricacy is indeed a skill that makes it natural in a personalised way. The perfume that you apply body doesn’t last really long. Moreover, it gets buried beneath the layer of clothes you wear. The correct way of wearing a fragrance is to wear it over clothes. Apart from clothes, apply scent over your bedsheet, pillow and use room freshener as well. How you smell depends largely on the atmosphere you live in. Staying amid incense shall definitely make you smell good all day long. 

Having said that, we definitely don’t mean to annul the importance of fragrance on the body.  The direction in which the fragrance flows is from the bottom to top and therefore, perfect spots to wear fragrance are knees, private parts, chest, and back of the neck. These are the spots where even a little amount of fragrance sustains for a long time. 


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