How To Fix A Fatty Liver?

One of the huge pandemics in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada is Fatty liver disease. You are going to wind up losing your loved ones to fatty liver disease if you do not take care of this epidemic. You may have never even heard of this epidemic at all, so it is better that you hear about it now and share the knowledge with everyone else. 

Fatty liver or when your liver is inflamed is called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, doctors know it as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and all these terms basically stipulate the exact thing, that your body has improperly deposited fat in your liver. 

This not being a good thing increases your risk factor for liver failure, heart disease, and ultimately death. 

Here are a few FACTS about fatty liver disease and how common it is:

  • 30-40% of adults in the U.S. and most Western societies have fatty liver disease. This means 4 out of 10 people have it and this is something to be worried about. 
  • 1 out of every 8 kids in America has fatty liver disease. The youngest age to have it is 3 years old. Depending on how terrible their diet is, kids can easily suffer from fatty liver disease. There are actually teenagers on the liver transplant list because of their fatty liver disease.
  • If you are Type-2 diabetes, are overweight, are insulin resistant then you have a 40-80% chance to get fatty liver disease. 

We should start caring about it because it has become one of the most leading causes of liver failure in America. It has become even more dangerous than alcoholism, overdosing on Tylenol, and even hepatitis. We are going to learn how to fix our fatty liver because you may not know who may have it and it is also possible that your doctor has completely ignored it for now. But since it is a dangerous thing one should act as immediately as possible. 

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So how do you fix a fatty liver? 

In western society, in America, what do we do whenever we need to fix a problem? We want to go buy something or add something to our system. For fatty liver, this should not be the question of what do you add but instead, it should be about what do we subtract and take out of your system. 

If you want to cure your fatty liver disease, you have to stop ingesting fructose, sugars, starches and simple carbs. And this is the major cure for your fatty liver disease. All these things are literally poisoning your body and making your biochemical digestive system inappropriately layout fat in your liver and it also lays down fat in your pancreas. 

The fatty pancreas is also something to be concerned about, but that is not the focus now. 

Fructose, whether it comes in the form of soft drinks or if it comes from a delicious ripe organic peach is digested completely differently in your body from other sugars and starches. And it is highly likely that it is going to be laid down as fat in your liver. 

So you have to get the fructose out of your life completely. Do not think that it is just fructose and nothing else because sugar is made up of glucose and fructose, and if anything is pre-sweetened it is going to make your fatty liver worse or it is going to increase your risk of developing fatty liver disease. 

All the starches and the simple sugars when consumed, your acid breaks them up and digest them as a combination of glucose and fructose. 

Even the carbs in broccoli get broken down ultimately to glucose and fructose but they are so locked up in the fiber, they are so blended with great vitamins and nutrients that it is still alright to get those carbs. 

You can get them from cruciferous vegetables, leafy green vegetables; hence they are acceptable. But the starches from any grain whatsoever is going to make your fatty liver worse. Hence you have to stop your grains, anything that has fructose in it and the sugars.

Another thing that you need to get out of your system is vegetable oil as it will cause inflammation to your liver and cause your liver to lay down more fat. Vegetable oils do not really contain any vegetables in it of any form. 

Canola oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil are made out of seeds and nuts instead and hence they have to be removed from your diet. These are going to inflame your liver tremendously. You have to cook your food in real fats like bacon grease, lard, avocado oil, olive oil, and butter.

Other things that you can do to help fix your fatty liver disease and lower your chances of getting it are:

  • Vitamin D- Low Vitamin D has been associated with worse fatty liver disease. It does not mean that a low level of vitamin D causes it but it might help fight it better. Hence make sure that you get a healthy amount of vitamin D supplements every day. 
  • You can even take Omega 3 fatty acids as they help cure fatty liver a little bit. You should try and eat more grass-fed meats and butter that have Omega 3. Even eggs have a lot of Omega 3 in them. 
  • Do not intake any liver cleansing supplements or remedies because they are just a waste of money and will not do anything that it claims to do. Do not buy any pills, powders or supplements that claim to cleanse your liver. Since you do not need to add anything to this equation, do not ingest any of these poisons.
  • You will have to get a liver transplant as the last option if you do not fix your diet soon enough for your body to fight the fatty liver disease. And being on the liver transplant list is a long, painstaking process where you are actually waiting for someone to die and donate their liver.

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