How High Sugar Level Leads To Erectile Dysfunction

It is known to very few that high sugar level in the body is highly linked with the development of erectile dysfunction. If you are out of those who are leading unsatisfactory sexual intercourse due to erection problem then diabetes can be the cause of it. Erectile Dysfunction is a common men’s sexual dysfunction that has affected many people men worldwide and many studies have proved that more than 50% of diabetic men suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is a dysfunction that can affect any men and men of any age but diabetic men are more likely to suffer from this condition as compared to non-diabetic ones.

Blood glucose is the primary type of sugar that is found in the blood and is also the primary source of energy. What we eat turns into glucose, and the blood carries glucose to all the cells of the body and uses it for power. But blood requires insulin that is produced by the pancreas to carry glucose to the body and when the body does not make adequate insulin, glucose stays in the blood and do not reaches the cells of the body. This leads to an excessive glucose level in the body and results in the development of chronic disease known as diabetes. Diabetes is of two types

Diabetes Type 1 – Diabetes type 1 occurs when the immune system of the body fails to function properly and attacks the cells of the body that makes insulin. In this type body no longer makes enough insulin.

Diabetes type 2 – Diabetes type 2 usually occurs with insulin resistance, a condition in which the cells of the organs do not use the insulin properly.

The effect of diabetes mellitus includes long term damage, dysfunction, and failure of many organs of the body. It is one of the most common chronic diseases that has affected millions of people around the world and also, it is the common cause of the development of erectile dysfunction.

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Association between Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to maintain sufficient erection for sexual intercourse. The healthy blood flows into the penis and reduces blood flow from the penis is required to maintain an erection. To understand the correlation between diabetes and the development of erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to know how an erection is achieved and what leads to erection failure. When nitric oxide is released in the bloodstream by the lining of the blood vessels, the chemical messenger causes the smooth muscles and the arteries in the corpora cavernosa to relax and increases the blood flow to that region. This increased blood flow results in the proper erection during sexual activity.

Uncontrolled diabetes leads to the poor control of the sugar level of the body and this excessive glucose level causes damage to the nerves and the blood vessels. Therefore, it negatively affects the blood supply to the penis. Damage to the blood vessel in the penis due to high sugar results in the lack of nitric oxide which restricts the smooth muscles to relax and also restricts the proper blood flow to the penis. This prevents erection and leads to unsatisfactory sexual intercourse. Many researchers believe that although both the types of diabetes cause erectile dysfunction but diabetes type 2 highly increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. This is because insulin resistance and visceral adiposity, which are the two traits of diabetes type 2 can lead to decreased availability and the activity of nitric oxide. The availability of nitric oxide plays an important role in maintaining and getting an erection during sexual activity.

 Also, some studies suggest that several microvascular diseases that are associated with diabetes can also cause erectile dysfunction. Microvascular diseases are linked with the somatic and autonomic neuropathies, and both of these can contribute to erectile dysfunction. It can lead to reduced relaxation of the smooth muscles of the corpus cavernosum due to the impairment of sensory impulses from the penis to the reflexogenic erectile center.



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