How Does One Treat A Sunburn?

On the 4th of July after a fun, long day at the beach with a couple of hot dogs and cold beers you may feel relaxed and rejuvenated. But this does not seem to be the case for most Americans. If you have had exposure to extreme UV rays from the sun, you are likely to be a victim of the ever-irritating sunburn. It will burn, itch and even form scabs or you may experience all three at the same time. You are in a position where you are in unimaginable agony but cannot do anything about it other dipping yourself in ice water. But what are you going to do when you are away from that big drum of chilling relief? Fear not as this article will help you win the fight against sunburn like a champion.

Here are the 6 ways to tackle Sunburn.  

1. Act as fast as you can. If you are near a big enough source of water like the ocean, the lake or a pool, immediately dip yourself in it the water. Try not to be in the water for a long time as the cooling effect may wear out soon and may prolong the sunburn instead. After the dip you should cover yourself immediately with a towel and get under a shadowy area which is away from the sun. Continue cooling the affected area by taking cold showers or applying ice but take a break often as this may cause dryness to the skin which harms the skin further. 

2. Restore the fluid levels in your body by drinking water, sports drinks and fresh-pressed juices or anything that will help replenish your body’s water level and supply electrolytes. Avoiding aerated drinks and alcohol is a must as they will cause further dehydration. Sunburn pulls out the liquid in the body to act as a natural wall of defence against the burn on the skin which will cause you to be dehydrated

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3. Use gentle moisturisers while the skin is damp as it will seep through and cool down the skin on a microscopic level. Avoid using any oil and petroleum-based moisturisers as they tend to trap the heat from the body which will worsen the condition. Aloe vera gel is a good alternative. 

4. See a doctor immediately if the condition prolongs. Seek medical attention of blistering and rashes are severe or if you have a fever. If you come across someone who acting dizzy and confused under a bright sun, check if they need help and need to be taken to the doctor. Medical attention should be a priority for the disabled, children and the elderly.

5. Take the utmost care while the sunburn affected area is healing. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes that may irritate the sunburnt area further. But wear clothes that barely expose your body parts and are made out of a comfortable fabric.

6. Treat your peeling skin very gently. Your body will require to remove the affected layer of the skin in order to restore it, hence scabbing will take place during the healing process. Keep moisturising during this process.   

Your sunburn will eventually heal in due course but taking care of it while being in the healing stage is important. One must learn from their past experiences and try to prevent from suffering the wrath of the unforgiving Sun. Avoiding precaution can cause a long term or even permanent damage to the skin.

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