How Can You Practice Self-care During Self-quarantine?

As you get further along into this quarantine, you may be feeling bored, anxious, restless etc. – and uncertain about how to deal with such emotions. While you’re battling with yourself, we’re here to recall you to incorporate yourself in benevolence. We are all struggling with the incertitude surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and learning our new way of life. The situation is quite uncertain. It would be better for us to adapt to the new way of living as early as possible. 

During quarantine and beyond, enhance your physical and mental wellness with self-care. Self-care is basically encouraging your own physical, emotional, and spiritual requirements. Doing this can improve your personal wellness and allow you to provide the best care to the people around you.

Here are some brilliant ways to start right now:

1. Take a break from the news and social media

Today everyone keeps checking the news to get the latest updates about COVID-19. Several people have gotten infected with the disease, many have lost their precious lives, and many are struggling every day to remain protected from the coronavirus. In this case, news often puts an adverse impact on people’s mental health. People are making more use of various social media platforms every day while staying at home. I would recommend you take a break from the news and social media for a couple of hours and involve yourself in some other fun activity. Keep your phone in another room and turn on some slow music while preparing your dinner. Spend some quality time with yourself, don’t post the activities you do on your favorite social media channels. Take this step for yourself and believe me; you’ll feel empowered.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercising helps enhance and support the immune system. It’s also an excellent tool for handling stress and anxiety and will help you spend time all through the day. If the weather is good, you can go walking, running, cycling, or bike ride outside. You can also find and join workout classes on YouTube. If you have had any medical conditions, ensure that you talk to your healthcare specialist before you begin a new workout routine.

3.Yoga and Meditation

Just 5-7 minutes of yoga and meditation every day can help renew your mind and outlook. It relieves stress, anxiety, and depression and can lower stress. Meditation and breathing exercises may calm your heart rate down and clear your mind. Now, gyms and yoga studios are closed, but there are still numerous resources accessible to you. You can watch videos for free on youtube or join a regular online class.

4. Enjoy beauty treats

There are several different ways to fondle yourself at home. You can prepare your favorite face mask at home, and enjoy a long bath or a spa-like environment. Make the process even more delightful with soft music and scented candles. Being in self-quarantine can also be a time to do something really nice for yourself without having a busy schedule of heading to the gym, or office, and meeting friends for dinner. You’re at your home, enjoy this time as beautifully as you can.

5. Get systematic

Rummage through all of those boxes standing in your closet for ages. And when standing in before it, organize out your wardrobe as well. Dispose of anything that doesn’t please you. Perhaps you will even identify certain things that can be beneficial for you, including pocket lamps, batteries, or condoms.

6. Spend time with your beloved ones

No, it’s not the time when you can go and meet your parents, relatives, and definitely not your grandparents. Specifically for older adults, these times are even more crucial as they’re at a higher risk for COVID-19. Living in a digital era is a boon and bane. Use this technology to connect to your friends and acquaintances on social media channels. Use Facebook, Whatsapp Google Hangout, or any other application you like.

7. Pick up a new hobby 

Have you been postponing learning to paint, cook, sew, or knit? Now is the perfect time to discover a new hobby or skill when you don’t have a tight schedule. Maybe even try an unusual hobby like vlogging or stargazing. If you like to read new books and have been postponing because of your long tiring office work, now is the time when you can order the book you have wished to read for so long, or you can also consider some reliable website where you can download the book and enjoy reading it anytime.

8. Get adequate sleep

Sleep is beneficial for your both physical and mental health. A full night’s sleep can help alleviate your mood and prohibit feelings of depression. It can also strengthen your immune system and combat infections as your body repairs its cells and tissues while you are asleep. Quarantine is the right time to readjust your timing and make up for the sleep you’ve been lacking. 

Be sure your bed is only for sleeping – don’t use cell phones, laptops or watching TV while on the bed. Take a nice, warm bath or read a book to help you fall asleep faster. It’s crucial to adhere to the same sleep schedule each night, even on weekends! Your body will thus adjust itself according to your sleep timing as it knows when to sleep and when to wake up.

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9. Hands and Nails

You should wash your hands thoroughly right now to prevent coronavirus, and that’s possibly the reason they’re drying out. It’s better to use a moisturizer every time after you’ve washed your hands. Get the essential tools and provide yourself with a manicure: a file, a buffer and clippers. It may be alluring to cut and push back your cuticles, but cease because you can instil bacteria and thus leading to an infection. 

You can also try cuticle oil to moisturize your hands and prevent cracking. If you wear acrylic or other counterfeit nails, it’s a good time to give your nails a break and fortify natural nails.

10. Get creative

Do you still have this blank canvas in your warehouse, but never got time to start painting on it? Still, kept a violin in your bed, and haven’t opened it for many years? Also, how about renovating your room? Maybe this is the right time to do creative things like these.

11. Watch out your mental health

Whenever you communicate with someone or open your phone screen, most of the content you get is associated with the current pandemic situation. Don’t read too much news and most significantly, don’t get too tensed without checking out the actual facts. 

Many online resources circulate fake news regarding the novel coronavirus, and so you need to be vigilant. Only refer to reliable websites, so you don’t get deceived in any way.

12. Emphasize on healthy nutrition

We often get no time to take care of what we are eating and how we are eating. Now that you are at the comfort of your home, you can make some space in your plate to include colourful fruits and vegetables every time. Make sure you are getting all the desired nutrients from your food. One more tip I would recommend is to promote our local agriculture industry with some of the local farms, markets, and CSAs that are delivering or offering pickups.

13. Be a volunteer

Volunteering and helping others is one of the best ways you can find happiness. In this pandemic time, many people are struggling to get their basic necessities. All you can do is to collaborate with some online community and help such people meet their requirements. 

You can also decide to donate blood in your nearest health centres and help save someone’s life. The happiness one gets by helping others is supreme, and so involve yourself in one such activity this quarantine.

14. Learn a language

It’s a good idea to learn a new language in this quarantine. Choose the one you’ve always wished to learn. There are several apps designed to help people learn the language of their choice. Choose a reliable one and practise in your leisure time. 

I generally practice in the evening for 10 minutes before going to bed. It may not sound like a lot, but spending some time a day on learning a new language will sum up to a lot over time.

15. Enjoy!

There are various streaming sites, including prime video and Netflix. If you haven’t subscribed to them yet, do it today. You are staying all day at your home, what better time can be than this to enjoy the latest movies, web series etc. But in case you don’t like watching movies and web series, you can complete a book that you’ve once started long before or tried a new one.

16. Take Time for You

Last but not least, don’t neglect to schedule time for you. Build boundaries for those things that are of utmost importance to you. Boundaries are something you can govern, and they provide you with the time and space to look after yourself. Think what makes you the happiest? Is it exercise? Time to read, try new recipes, or just spend some alone time? Whatever it is, make sure you do that.


Self-care is essential whether it’s quarantine time or not. But now at least now you have enough time to spend on yourself, and so it’s necessary. Do the things you love, you always want to do but never got time before. Spend this quarantine time so productively that you come up as an improved version of yourself after we conquer this pandemic situation.


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