Stronger Nervous System, Wiser Decisions

 To take the right decisions on very critical moments in life is essential. Several times we have come across in our life where we have so many options to choose from. To be selective with the right approach we can somehow lead to a better outcome.  A nervous system plays a vital role when it comes to the right decision making. There are many nerves involved that have the ability to think on various scenarios of decision making. To have a strong nervous system one should follow some mental exercises that tend to relax the nerves and built a strong foundation for brain health.

Understanding the decision-making process

 As per the theory of science, it has been found that the premotor cortex and parietal cortex are the two parts of the brain that are involved in motor planning. It has been observed by a neuroscientist that there are various nerves that are responsible for taking decisions especially when there are some variety of extremely different rules are included. On a cellular level, the study shows that the cell that is responsible for taking an action is the only one that is involved in carrying the decision making process.

To understand it in a simple way, an example of a football player can be taken. A football player has two decisions while going for a goal. While playing football, he has two options whether to look at the goalkeeper or not to look at the goalkeeper for a successful goal making into the net. But the toughness arises when he has to take decision and action simultaneously. In a moment the player has to decide whether to do a goal and which way will result in the high success ratio.

Therefore, we can easily make out that decision making and action-oriented are directly associated with each other. Every nerve of the brain is voluntarily involved in the process of right decision making. Hence, in order to take a wiser decision, one must have a strong nervous system.

The strengthening of strong nervous system & decision making process

The nervous system is responsible for many processes going inside the body. They regulate many functions through nerves behavioral connection to the brain like blood pressure and rate of breathing. These are some of the unconscious behaviors which are done in the coordination of muscles, nerves and spinal cord. To have a strong nervous system is important because almost all receptors are connected to the nervous system and help in attaining the attention and risk of certain actions that are taken. Decisions are made on these resultant of all details accumulation of information.

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To be able to take a wiser and correct decision one must be highly attentive but relaxed on some level. Relaxed because in order to supply a good breathing process every nerve has to be relaxed first and the options related to decision making can be pondered effectively, timely and profitably. The strengthening of the nervous system has many benefits for the very important and strong decision making.

A decision making takes several steps and involves great mental exercise with every single nerve

Firstly planning is done in mind. It is followed by the visual perception of the happenings that may take place around if different choices are made. Then a reaction occurs on both the visuals inside the mind. There are several movements prepared simultaneously and accordingly taken into consideration before a reaction over the final action plan. The final action comes out as the one that has taken the winning position amongst the competition held inside the various possible plans created and developed by far.

Therefore, the mind always takes the one that has considered various actions from past learning and behavior patterns. The nervous system adjusts its behavior for only actions that seem to be rewarded for certain reactions on them and create a fruitful result.

People with a strong nervous system has various abilities apart from better decision making

The people with a strong nervous system are known to be handling multi-tasking work very effectively. They are good managers too. Highly patient behavior is also very much prominent in people with strong nervous systems. Many time in real life stories we have heard that a strong nervous system has a way to strong will power too. That’s because a positive approach and self-healing are the by-products of having a strong nervous system.

Hence, we must have a very good and strong nervous system in order to make wiser and better decisions in our life.



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