Home Remedies to Treat Hives

Hives is a very itchy skin condition which involves the leakage of blood capillaries supplying blood to the uppermost layer of the skin (dermis). This leakage causes a special inflammatory response. The entire process of inflammation is mediated by a special chemical called Histamine. This eventually leads to the accumulation of tissue fluid under the skin with a reddish flare and a nasty itch. Have you been observing a bumpy skin with a rash lately? If yes, read on to find the best possible ways to treat this condition. I am sure that if you practice one of these regularly, you wouldn’t be far from achieving a dermatologically healthy skin.

1. Make Yourself a Ginger-Honey Cocktail!

Ginger is a common household ingredient used in majority of dishes of the Indian cuisine. You can borrow a piece of ginger from the kitchen and grate it into small pieces. After this, soak the ginger pieces in a small bowl containing honey. Mix the contents of the bowl well.

Without further thought, drink the mixture. The mixture might taste a bit spicy but that is the ginger doing its work. 

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Ginger is a very important anti-inflammatory agent. It blocks the inflammatory receptors present on the skin and blood capillaries. This attribute of ginger provides a soothing effect to the skin. Also, internally, ginger acts as a natural blood cleanser. The cleared blood is now pumped vigorously into the affected area. Make sure you drink this mixture 3 times a day till your skin recovers completely!

2. Treat Yourself to a Green Tea Cleanse!

Green tea has bagged many accolades to improve the health status of the human body. Polyphenols are a special constituent of green tea that aid in the treatment of hives. These chemicals are potent anti-histaminic agents and anti-oxidants. This ensures that the inflammatory responses caused due to the leaky capillaries are reversed. 

Ideal preparation for treatment involves the addition of honey to a cup of warm green tea. Honey has special anti-oxidant properties which aid the process. Also, make sure that the tea doesn’t cool down before you drink it. The warmth acts as a catalyst between the tea and honey.

3. Indulge in a Turmeric Bath!

Turmeric is also an important substance found in every household. Curcumin is an important constituent of turmeric. This is a bioactive compound (meaning it gets activated in the presence of the human body’s existing environment). It has important properties which can terminate the inflammatory effect caused by the chemical histamine. Turmeric acts on the natural receptors of histamine on the skin and hence helps in the removal of the inflammatory itch once and for all.

Turmeric can be administered to treat hives in two different ways.

  • Mix a tablespoon of turmeric with warm water and drink it every night before sleeping. This will aid the blood to transport the curcumin from turmeric to the affected area.
  • Make a paste of turmeric with a little water and apply it to the affected area. This provides an instant antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Among the three methods that I have mentioned above, applying turmeric paste to wounds is the most potent test. Try out all of them and let me know if they work!

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