Health Issues Can Be Awkward – Here Is How To Open Up With your Doctor

When it comes to reaching out and talking about the health struggles, men can be the last people in the queue to take the lead. If we talk about the mortality rate, men are expected to die sooner than women because of the unaddressed health issues. Societal norms planted years ago that spelt all the hollow characteristics of masculinity, still holds a large part of men’s brain. But what is to be understood here is that being an emotional taciturn and never crying about things that bother is not synonymous to strength. It takes a great deal of courage to open up about your body and share about the tussle of your health with the right person. Only an individual with strong will power and awareness can make the move of being loquacious about what’s troubling. 

There are many diseases that make every man out there, uncomfortable while addressing. Impotence, prostate dysfunctioning, breast enlargement, depression, etc. are a few examples of the medical problems that deserve quick attention but instead are left hidden. For the men who have always been through the situation where it is hard to decide whether your doctor is the person you can talk to, we have compiled the list of few tricks which can help you to put it all on the table.

1. A doctor is your friend, not foe

He is there to help you and reduce your worries. You health conditions are something he has studied arrantly and he knows more about it than you do. He knows the struggle and he knows the way out. This is what your doctor is there for, to tell you what exactly you are dealing it and what is the correct way to deal with it. Your doctor should be the last person you should feel cynical about when it comes to expressing what you’ve been carrying alone for so long. 

2. Take notes

Memories run like a wild horse when you are mentally preparing the list of symptoms to tell to your doctor. However, everything is erased automatically the moment you step into your doctor’s nest. And maximum people will agree with this. Therefore, to make sure that you tell every single thing about your trouble to your doctor, note the things down on a page or your phone. This will save you from missing out on informing any crucial point to your doctor. If you are embarrassed, all you have to do is pick out the list and read it out before your confidant (in this case, a confidant is your doctor).

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3. Take someone along for company

Ask someone who is close to you or someone you trust, to accompany you. There is a lot that you might fail to notice about yourself but your loved ones do. In case you hesitate and miss out points to tell, your accomplice can be your voice. If your doctor goes on telling you the facts about your health that might be disturbing, there is a fair possibility that you may not pay attention to a lot of important information that he delivers. In this case, your friend or your family member shall take note. 

4. Pay frequent visits to your doctor

This is really important. Even when you have once visited your doctor and the problem has been discussed on a good length, you still need to be in touch with him. Go for regular checkups, connect on call to get immediate help in case you feel unwell. It is not only important to keep a follow-up but also to build a good equation with your doctor. Once you start feeling comfortable, your hesitation shall vanish soon.

5. Do your homework

You have consulted a doctor, you have told them everything openly and your treatment is on development. It is still important that you don’t stop researching on your part. Keep reading the stories of the people who have been through exactly what you have been through. Read about people who successfully overcame the condition. It will help you draw a silver lining around your murky clouds. You will develop a normal perspective towards your condition and that you are not the only one facing it. It’s normal, it’s durable and it’s on its way to exit from your life. This optimistic approach shall help you open up about your problem and in turn, before your doctor.  

There are plenty of health issues that you know can kill you but the embarrassment will still not let you speak about it. As a matter of fact, the first step towards dealing with such issues is to build a normal perception of it. Malfunctioning in an organ or two of your body is never a topic of feeling ashamed. Reach out to your doctor and let the exposure tell you that you are not the only one.


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