Happiness: The Biggest Scourge of Ailments

Mankind has been aware of the quote – ‘A smile is a curve that sets everything straight’, since eons. But, do we really put to use the immense powers of happiness? Or does this quote carries only literal importance? Is humanity well aware about the innumerable pros of this elixir of life?

With the advancement in every niche of the society including technology, medicine, polity and culture, mankind is also nurturing new ailments and health threats. On a profound look at the predicaments of the society, one can get familiarized with the infinite physical, psychological and physiological issues that keep popping up among all the cohorts. One of the major reasons behind these ailments is stress. Today’s exasperated society strangles each and every member with the chains of depression, agony and distress. This in turn gives rise to countless diseases including cancer and even high rates of suicides and fatality.

Although medications can uproot one’s illnesses, it is the human mind that empowers every aspect of the body. It is rightly said that an individual’s mood can affect his entire being. Deteriorating emotional health can lead to a host of deadly diseases. The human body responds to stress and agony through chemical modes. Some of the most important hormones are ‘adrenaline’ and ‘cortisol’. Adrenaline increases the rate of heart beat, increases perspiration and breathing. Cortisol on the other hand, proliferates the secretion of sebum, making the skin more oily, dark and prone to acne. Long term stress, depression and sadness tend the neurons of the brain to shrink, thus causing immense memory, sleeping and other physical disorders. A tensed state of mind degrades the body’s immunity system, making it vulnerable to diseases as well as lowering the rate of recovery from induced ailments.

Isn’t it exhilarating that just being happy and jovial can reduce the risk of infirmities to a mind blowing extend? But how does it exactly work? Studies have shown that happier people have a lower level of cortisol in the body. Hence, it provides lower risks of sleep disorders and skin problems. Besides, our fascinating body also releases happy hormones for our well being. These include:

  • Dopamine: This is released when the mind feels that the required goal is just a step ahead. It enables the human body to use every ounce of energy to reach the target. In simple words, it boosts an individual’s confidence and strength.
  • Oxytocin: This happy hormone promotes and influences a person’s social and sexual life. It creates a sense of bonding and faith. Besides, oxytocin is also known to reduce drug cravings, induce sleep and bring a glow to the skin. Truly a miraculous hormone!
  • Serotonin: This hormone is released when an individual feels happy when in power or at a dominating position. It helps in inducing a sense of responsibility and pride.

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Apart from this, it is a common observance that happier people tend to follow a healthier lifestyle than others. They munch on healthier foodstuffs and do increased physical activities. Besides, they have an active social life since they bond with people much easily. Such actions boost the individual’s mind and body since regular physical activities helps build strong bones and muscles, increase energy levels, decrease body fat and maintain blood pressure as well as improve concentration, memory and productivity.

One of the greatest boons of happiness is reduced risk of heart diseases, which is probably the greatest casualty among all cohorts today. Happy hormones which have already been mentioned above do a great deal in strengthening the heart and preventing further risk of diseases. Studies among a host of individuals have also proved the same.

Since happiness and emotional upliftment boosts and strengthens the immune system of a person, they not only protect a person from ailments, but also increase the life expectancy. This is because, good metabolism, proper brain functioning and stable blood pressure assure the proper functioning of each and every organ system and enable the faster recovery and replacement of dead cells. This leads to a rejuvenated mind and body unfaded by the passing years.

Hence, in today’s go-getting yet stressful world, embracing a happy and jovial attitude can definitely bring a spark to your life. It is a wise idea to ditch stress, be it at home or workplace, because nothing is worthier than a disease-free and salubrious life!


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