Habits To Add In Your Daily Routine In 2019

This new year, take a resolution to make your health a priority!!

Healthy Lifestyle is considered to be a single medicine for every health problem. Lifestyle medicine indicates good control over nutrition, physical activity, stress and many more important factors for a healthy life. Today the importance of having a daily healthy routine must be understood, not only for the well being but for the buildup of health.

There is strong evidence that suggests that practicing healthy lifestyle behavior reduces the risk of developing various chronic diseases. Maintaining a healthy routine helps to grow strong and develop healthy habits. In the past few years, it has been noticed that people tend to ignore their routine due to their hectic schedules. Research suggests that a decrease in the management of daily routine and an increase in the pressure of daily life could lead to the development of several diseases. Also, adopting a healthy lifestyle is not only important for reducing the risk of disease but for living a healthy life.

Here is the list of some of the habits everyone must have in their daily routine to ensure healthy life.

1. Get up early in the morning

We all have heard that waking up early in the morning is a way to success. Evidence suggests that waking up early has a tremendous effect on basic hygiene and the efficiency of an individual. It has many benefits on life and it is believed that it can change the lives in a good way.

Waking up early allows an individual to improve their productivity level. Researchers have suggested that waking up early leads to an increase in the feeling of joy, happiness, enthusiasm, and overall energy. An increase in the enthusiasm and energy have a direct impact on the overall productivity of an individual. Also, waking up early helps you to deal with negativity and allow the body to breathe in the freshest air in the morning.

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2. Exercise before you go to work

Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining the health of an individual as it helps you to stay healthy, energetic and independent as you grow old. Allow a good time for vigorous physical activity. Multiple studies have been conducted to investigate the role of exercise in the lives of people. It was observed that people who make exercise as an essential part of routine are happier and are more efficient as compared to others.  

It is important to understand that exercise does not necessarily means going to a gym but it means doing any type of physical activity, no matter where. There is an infinite number of health benefits on the human body. A well balanced routine of regular exercise improves general health, build endurance and slows down the effects of aging. Also, along with the effects of exercise on physical health, it also improves emotional well being of an individual.

3. Never skip a breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are many reasons why skipping breakfast could be the worst decision. One of the most important reason includes breakfast is basically a meal that a person consumes 8 – 10 hours after the previous meal. Therefore, there is a need for refueling the body with nutrients and energy. Skipping breakfast makes it nearly impossible to achieve an adequate intake of key nutrients.

Breakfast improves the concentration level and allows to have a longer attention span. Breakfast also improves the physical activity of an individual. Also, eating breakfast is considered to be a proven strategy to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. In children, breakfast is important for the normal growth, development, and overall health of the child. Breakfast provides children with all the required nutrients to have normal growth and development.

4. Start Reading

Not many people are aware that reading has a large number of benefits on the human body. Reading not only adds knowledge but also acts as a stress booster, stimulates mental health, improves the memory and the thinking abilities of a person. Reading allows an individual to leave the stress behind and indulge oneself into other activities. No doubt, the knowledge you will gain from reading will stay with you for the lifetime.

Also, reading helps in mental stimulation. Evidence suggests that staying mentally stimulated helps to decrease the risk of some serious mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. These disorders significantly impact the functioning of an individual.

5. Develop a bedtime routine

Sleep is an important part of our lives. Lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep can have a significant impact on the health of an individual. Therefore having a bedtime routine is essential for maintaining the overall health and well being of an individual. A bedtime routine involves a consistent set of activities that occur in the same order every night.

Developing a bedtime routine helps to attain sleep that is rich in quality as well as quantity. This will help in sleeping on time and waking up early, which promotes good health and overall well being. Good night sleep is a number one advice that doctors give to their patients. Lack of sleep is associated with the development of some of the leading causes of disability and death such as heart attack, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and can even lead to some types of cancer.

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