Gift your mom a healthy experience this Mother’s day

This Mother’s Day, skip the chocolates and flowers and gift your mother something healthy. Give her the gift of health. If you think that we are suggesting you buy something big, that’s not what it is.

We are not telling you to shell out for a treadmill. There are many other things that you can do to give your mom’s well being a boost.

If you are having a hard time picking out gifts for your mom, we’ve compiled the list. After all, finding gifts is a tricky business.

 Gift your mom a healthy experience this Mother’s day

We present the list of some healthy gift ideas from a healthy cookbook to the perfect gym to encourage her to get her steps in:

  • Gift Basket: Instead of gifting a basket filled with sweets and chocolates, make your own by buying some hand-picked fruits, energy juices, and maybe a yoga DVD, and you can top it off with a gym workout top.
  • A day at the spa: All moms have to work all day, without taking care of themselves.This Mother’s Day, give your mother a relaxing experience by booking her day at the spa. Let your mom unwind with some natural treatments from a spa of their choice.Give her the massages, as well as a happy and healthy body care treatment. A soothing day at the spa will fill her with energy.

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  • Homemade meal: This is not the most innovative or fanciest idea but is certainly the most heartfelt gift.A nice bottle of wine, a delicious home-cooked meal, and a family dinner together are what every mother wants. It will make a great last-minute gift.If your mom is the main chef at the house, treat her to some precious moments of relaxation while you enter the kitchen and do some cooking.

  • Do It Yourself (DIY) scrub: You can encourage your mother to take some “me time” every once in a while with a set of homemade products.Prepare a scrub from your kitchen products like oatmeal, sugar, and salt. So that, She can exfoliate her skin with these products.  Mix milk and banana to make a moisturizer.Pick a recipe and mix it up. Pour it into a bottle for a beautiful and useful gift. She will love it the most.

  • Water Filter: Chlorine is found in our tap water. Breathing in the vapours can put your mother’s health at risk of asthma, fatigue, bronchitis as well as breast cancer.Make your mom happy and healthy by installing a whole house water filter to reduce exposure to any kind of germs.

  • A good night’s rest: You might not know but your mother gets inadequate sleep due to the fact that she has to work all day to fulfil everyone’s demands.Adequate sleep is critical to our immune system and heart health.You can give a day off to your mom and make her take a rest by going early to bed.

These are some ideas that you can try for your mom. If you come up with something else, don’t forget to comment in the section. Share it with your friends and family to create awareness.


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