Get Stronger Hair Roots Instantly

Hair is one of the most eye-appealing features of the human body. Nevertheless, it goes through a regular exposure of dust, chemicals, sweat, and other substances. The quality and the growth of your hair depends on how well you maintain the nourishment of the hair. Even though you might be taking the utmost care, your hair undergoes routine wear and tear. 

If the roots are weakening, it can lead to the thinning of hair or in extreme cases, loss and bleaching of hair. When you provide the roots of your hair with the utmost care, they are bound to be healthy, shiny and soft.

What causes weak roots?

Several adversities are involved in the weakening of roots. Signs showing the same include the flattening of hair, loss of tenderness, loss of texture and extreme dryness which ultimately leads to split ends.

Most common reasons for hair loss include cold temperature, inadequate dietary fiber, extreme sunlight exposure and certain harmful chemical hair products.

How to make your roots stronger

1. Drink lots of water.

Water, according to scientists, is the elixir of life. Proper hydration is of the utmost importance when it comes to scalp health and hair growth. Eight glasses of water per day is the minimum amount of water intake specified by doctors. Water levels keep your hair from drying out. The itchiness of the scalp can be relieved by having proper water intake.

Alcoholic beverages have an opposing effect on the hydration of the body. Make sure to drink an excessive amount of water for the same.

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2. Include lots of Protein in your diet

Proteins are generally known as the building blocks of the body. It is necessary that you follow a balanced diet indulging inappropriate protein content. High protein foods constitute of eggs, lean meat, chicken, low-fat dairy like cheese and milk. In case of vegetarians, nutritional supplements (shakes, bars) can be used.

3. Don’t dry completely wet hair.

The urge to dry your hair just after a nice shower costs you a lot of hair. It is advisable that you should dry your hair 40-50 minutes after your shower. 

When the hair is wet, the water remains within the strands and hence the hair soaks up and turns into frizzy strands. These can lead to the development of an odor from the scalp as well.

4. Use Aloe Vera plant

Aloe Vera is an excellent medicinal plant. It acts on dry scalps as a natural moisturizer and conditioner. It has various anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in getting rid of the excess dirt settled on your hair.

5. Try to avoid hot water while washing hair

Apologizing to hot shower lovers. While warm water possesses minimal damage to the hair, hot water causes a lot of trouble. Hot water (due to its latent heat), soaks up all the moisture of your scalp and make it dry. This makes it easier for hair to fall. 

I hope the following tips help you have a healthy and smooth hair and a healthy scalp to nourish them, Not only will these points strengthen your root follicles but will surely enhance the look and feel of your hair. Keep applying these tips to your normal routine and I am sure you will see the effect kick in really soon.

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