Four Toothache Remedies for Children

According to a study conducted by Shephard ET. Al. and Br Dent J. in 1999, the prevalence of toothache and toothache associated crying. It was observed that 47.5% of children had previous toothache episodes while 17.7% of cases of toothache associated crying were reported. Hence, it was concluded that a large number of cases were present and the future needs to address the issues regarding the same.

Dental hygiene is ignored by one and all. Everyone should be taught to maintain utmost dental hygiene from the time they are young. This would lead to healthier and whiter teeth. In addition to the same, there would be no toothaches!

Children are more prone to toothache, as their gums and teeth are not yet developed. Their calcium stores are also deficient as they are used up in the formation of bones. Hence, parents should take the utmost care in maintaining oral hygiene of their kids.

Here are 4 remedies for children suffering from toothache due to poor oral hygiene.


1. Ask your child to rinse his/her mouth with saltwater

Saltwater is a potent remedy for toothache. Ask your child to rinse every corner of the mouth with the help of saltwater. You can prepare the mixture by adding roughly half a teaspoon of salt to warm water. 

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This mixture should be rinsed thoroughly. You should ask your child to rinse it near the sore tooth as well. This is a sure shot guaranteed way of reducing tooth pain. You should administer this every 4 to 6 hours if the pain persists. Make sure your child doesn’t swallow the saltwater mix.

2. Apply an Ice Pack on the affected toot

Use ice cubes wrapped in a cloth for this procedure. The ice cubes are regarded as highly efficient in lowering the pain caused due to tooth injury. You should apply the ice pack on the sore area for a maximum of 30 seconds.

Make sure the skin and the mucosa are completely warm before you proceed with further applications of the ice packs.

3. Ask your child to floss

Food particles might get wedged in between the tooth crevices. These cause the untoward excitation of pain nerve endings present in the gum. Regular flossing and brushing ensure removal of all food particles. Food particles are one of the main causes for the prevalence of toothache in children.

4. Massage the area over the sore tooth with Clove Oil

Clove oil is a brilliant numbing substance. It numbs the sore area around the affected tooth. A gentle massage can relieve the child from pain. Clove oil is applied with the help of a cotton ball dipped in it.

Though these techniques are very efficient in their actions, you should always consult a doctor if the toothache persists for more than 24 hours. Healthy Teeth certainly lead to a healthy smile. A healthy smile ultimately leads to the world is a nice place to live in. Hence, make sure your kid develops utmost oral hygiene from the very start.

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