Foods That Make Or Break Your Acne

Skin is an important topic that you need to discuss if you want to handle acne in a better way. You have to take care of your diet because you need to include food items that you need for your body to fight the acne and completely exclude items that will spread your acne further. 

If your acne is really out of control and is bad, you are probably going to wind up some point after you have tried all the counter stuff which does not work, and you will go and see your doctor. Your doctor is trained to either prescribe you pills that you ingest or some expensive creams to slather on your skin. 

You have to start thinking about what your skin is built of, which is a very fundamental concept. If you understand that, you will never be tricked by any commercial advertisement or a doctor’s prescription pad again. 

Your skin is replaced every six to eight weeks which is approximately every two months. You have an entirely new set of skin on you. All the old cells are gone, they died because our body ate them and removed them from circulation. 

So there is nothing wrong with the skin cells and you can do nothing about it by putting something on top of your skin. 

What you are really doing is putting the lotions and creams on your Stratum Corneum which is already dead cell and will fall off every day, very rarely do these creams and lotions penetrate down to the dermis or to the sub-dermis space, where you really want it to get to. 

So how are those creams and gels helping at all? They are probably not. 

Let us talk about how to build skin cells so that they work properly and you do not have acne all the time. Let us talk about an analogy. Say you built a house and the house is an analogy for your skin. 

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If you built that house out of crappy materials that will also end up being a crappy house that is likely to fall anytime soon. And a doctor prescribes you a very expensive paint and asks you to apply that paint three times a day in order to make your house look better and stronger. 

This does not seem like a good strategy. The skin cells that you are going to apply those lotions on are going to be gone in a few weeks. So how are you helping improve your skin anyway? You have to build your skin out of the right building materials from the inside. 

You literally build your skin cells out of your diet. What you are wearing on your body right now are because of what built out of the things you ate in the last three to four months. If you have not been eating good, then you are probably having some skin problems or the other. 

You have to stop eating things that are inflammatory to your body and start eating things that your skin actually needs to build healthy, vibrant, glowing skin with. That is how simple it is. 

What does your skin need? Does it need sugar or carbohydrates? No. Your entire body actually never needs a single starch to build. Your skin does, however, need fat. There are essential fatty acids that you need in your body or else you will die and you will have terrible skin before you die. 

There are essential amino acids that are the building blocks of protein which if you do not get them, you will get sick in other ways as well. 

There are 4 things you should do to improve your acne situation 

1. You Have To Get Vegetable Oils Out Of Your Diet

Vegetable oils are canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil. You have to stop eating things that are fried and cooked in these oils. These are not good for you. They will inflame your gut and that will inflame your face, which in turn will lead to more acne.

Even if they are called vegetable oils, there are no vegetables in them. They are made from seeds and beans. You have to get those out of your diet. You have to use good fat, like for frying you can use lard, butter or avocado oil. You can use olive oil to cook things at a low temperature. If you use any of those vegetable oils they will breakout your face. 

2. Eat Some Vegetables

You should eat good cruciferous veggies and if you do not like them you should try eating them in different ways. Eat broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, asparagus, kale and lettuce. Eat it raw or lightly steamed and season it with salt, pepper, garlic, and even butter. 

They are excellent for you to eat as they contain a lot of antioxidants that help your skin. You need to avoid underground vegetables and avoid starchy vegetables because they are going to increase your insulin level, turn immediately into sugars and hence inflame your system. 

3. You Have To Stop Or Reduce The Amount Of Grain Intake 

All grains have chemicals in them that cause inflammation because that is how they fight. Grains do not want to be eaten just like how you do not want to be eaten. The chemicals in them cause toxic effects in the body of animals that eat them. Avoid grains like wheat, corn, rice, oats. None of those are suitable for your face and you do not want to build your skin from them because they increase the amount of acne outbreak. 

4. Avoid Drinking Milk

Cow milk has only one purpose and that is to help the calf to gain a thousand pounds in a year. Now if you want to gain weight and have acne with other inflammatory problems, keep drinking milk. 

It is fine to eat good grass-fed butter because all the milk protein and the milk sugars have been removed. Just the good fats are left out. Heavy cream is not bad. If you have to have something white and heavy you can have cream. But you should avoid food products that list skimmed milk as an ingredient in them. Full-fat cheese is good as well to eat,  only when you get the purest form of cheese in the local market.

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