Fight against the Odor of Your Mouth

Bad breath effects apparently 25% of people in the world. It is also known as halitosis. It can cause significant worry and embarrassment.

Simple home remedies and lifestyle changes such as oral hygiene help in a major way to fight away bad mouth odour.


1. Loss of moisture in mouth.

Dry mouth is a serious issue. Saliva is the natural cleansing agent of the mouth, if the mouth remains dry for long periods of time, bad odours start developing along with a disorder called xerostomia.

2. Oral Hygiene.

Flossing and Brushing are the main component regulating the oral hygiene of the person. It ensures the removal of sticky and left overs of the food eaten in the last mean. A film of bacteria sets over the tooth which are not clean, this is known as a plaque. These bacteria release certain gases as the byproduct of their nutrition. These gases are the sole reason for the formation of odours.

3. Food.

Sugary foods initiate the bacterial formation. Also it fixes easily in between the tooth crevices and initiates tooth decay action. 

Onion and garlic are main causative agents of a bad breath. After they are digested, their main byproducts are transported to the lungs, which causes the breath stink.

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4. Tobacco consumption

Tobacco products have their own distinct type of mouth odour. These pave the way for oral cancers, gum destruction and bleeding. All of the above conditions are responsible in production of bad breath.

5. Drugs

Certain medications are involved in the reduction of saliva and hence increase the odours. Nitrate supplements for angina and chemotherapy drugs affect the breath in a negative manner.


1. Brush your teeth twice a day.
An average brushing time is of 2 to 3 minutes at least twice a day to remove the debris of the previous meal. If the food debris is not removed bacterial growth is inevitable.

2. Use a mouth rinse

A mouth rinse has a temporary effect on the breath. It helps in masking of the bad odour. Black or green tea also help in a similar manner.

3. Eat sugarless chocolates

As mentioned earlier, sugar causes the infiltration of bacterial growth and hence bad odour. Sugarless candies and chewing gums are any day preferred.

4. Quit Smoking and Chewing Tobacco.

Both of these addictions are related to drying of mouth. Any amount of brushing rarely helps in the disappearance of the lingering bad odor. Not only does it provide a bad odor to the mouth, tobacco increases the risk of mouth cancer as well. Mouth cancer has been the leading cause of death in the females of rural India.

5. Floss Daily

Flossing removes food debris stuck between the teeth. If the food is not removed, bacterial growth initiates. You should aim at flossing after every meal. If not possible, floss at least twice daily!

All in all, a clean mouth leads to a clean breath. Hope this article helps you find the solution to that lingering bad breath and rewards you with a fresh, clean breath.

Happy Brushing!


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